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Why You Should Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Shower-HeadIf you’ve ever found yourself on any plumbing blog, then we’re sure that you’ve come across professionals advising you to avoid chemical drain cleaners. In fact, we’re sure that if you’ve spoken to a plumbing professional in person in the past that they’ve also advised you to steer clear of these types of products too. Have you ever wondered all the reasons why?

We are happy to answer all your questions about this. Our professionals are the experts in everything plumbing in Orlando, FL. What’s more, we’re here to help you out when you have plumbing issues so you don’t have to settle for chemical drain cleaners.

Why You Should Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Here are a few reasons why you should never use chemical drain cleaners:

They’re Bad for Your Plumbing

This the biggest reason that you should never use chemical drain cleaners. The thing about chemical drain cleaners is that they’re a quick fix.

We often find that homeowners are a little perplexed when we advise them not to resort to chemical drain cleaners in the past because they’ve had past experiences with them. They might have used a chemical drain cleaner in the past and come out on the other side just fine. The clog they had is gone and their plumbing system seems to be faring nicely. We want you to know that it only seems to be faring nicely.

If you’ve poured a caustic chemical down your drain, the chances are high that it’s done some substantial damage. You don’t want to risk this with your plumbing system. That’s why it’s always best to invest in your plumbing the first time with quality service.

They’re A Strain on the Environment

We know that most of you out there are considering the impact you leave on the earth now more than ever. We support this and that’s why we want to give you the right information to give you eco-friendly choices.

The caustic chemicals that comprise a chemical drain cleaner linger in the environment much longer than anything else you’d typically pour down your drain. The effect of this is endangering the local wildlife and ecosystem around you. A chemical drain cleaner might be the simple solution for now, but it has long term effects that affect more than just your home. Don’t put a strain on the environment by choosing this solution.

They May Create Negative Home Effects

We don’t want you to put a negative effect on your home either. If you’ve used one of these drain cleaners before, then we’re sure that you can remember what it’s like to open up the bottle. The scent is so strong that you might even make a face when you twist off the lid. The fumes that this type of chemical gives off is irritating. If it’s irritating to your eyes, nose, skin, or any other of your senses, then you can just imagine what it’s doing to your home. You don’t want to let this type of drain cleaner to hurt you or your home.

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