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Why Your Toilet Is Always Running

toilet-with-button-flushYou flush your toilet, wash your hands, walk away, and you don’t think much of it. You walk by your bathroom again later on and it still sounds like the toilet is still flushing… what’s going on?

Your toilet should stop running after its normal flush cycle. If your toilet is still flushing and no amount of jiggling the handle or messing with the toilet makes it stop, then it’s time to enlist the help of a professional. 

It’s time to improve your plumbing in Orlando, FL. The first step to fixing your toilet is figuring out the source of your problem. The second step is finding a reliable HVAC company that can perform the repair. Let’s get into everything you should know below…

What’s Causing Your Toilet Problem

There are a few problems that may contribute to a toilet issue like this. You should check for the following:

A Problem with the Float

The water level inside of your home’s tank is controlled by an adjustable float. The problem comes when the float isn’t where it’s supposed to be. If the float is too low, you’re going to notice that you have a weak flush. If your water is set too high, this is when you’re going to notice that your toilet starts running continuously. 

It’s easy and low risk to figure out if you’re dealing with a water imbalance. Just flush your toilet and see where the water stops. Once you realize you have a definitive problem, our professionals can come out to your home and fix your float problem.

The Flapper is Leaking

Your toilet’s flapper is what’s in charge of sealing the drain. If the flapper is dirty, broken, or even warped, then it means that you’re going to deal with continuous flushing. If you look up this problem online, you’re going to see a lot of articles and even videos instructing you to DIY. Quality toilet repair needs to be handled by a professional. We know it might seem simple, but professional service is always worth it.

The Chain is Broken

Your flapper chain connects your flush lever and your flapper. If the chain is compromised or disconnected, your toilet isn’t going to be able to perform its job. Our professionals can pinpoint the problem and solve it ASAP.

Where Can You Find a Professional You Can Trust

It’s incredibly important to find the right plumber who can perform your toilet repair. Figuring out what’s gon=ing on is half of the equation, but finding the right professional to make your repair worthwhile is the crucial other half. Our professionals are ones you can rely on. We’re trained, licensed, and we have the experience necessary to make sure that your toilet is in proper shape. 

We understand that DIY attempts and amateur work are tempting. They both promise to save you money and a considerable hassle. In reality, this type of work is only going to cause you ongoing problems. Professionals will get you the work you deserve. 

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. to schedule an appointment for your toilet care.

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