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Why You Can’t Run a Gas Line on Your Own


There are many times when you might need a new gas line in your home. Maybe you had an electric appliance such as an oven, water heater, or clothes dryer, and you are purchasing a new one that runs on natural gas. Or maybe you’re tired of swapping out grill tanks all the time, and you want to run a gas line directly to the back yard so you can hook up your grill and have barbecues any time you like. 

Can you do the work of running a new gas line yourself? The simple answer is no, and there are some extremely important reasons why.


You probably think of a plumber when you have a problem with your water pipes. Well, the work they do easily translates to working on gas pipes. They tend to be made of the same materials, encounter a lot of the same potential issues, and with both gas and water pipes, it’s critical that they be sealed absolutely tight with no leaks. And our team of plumbers has a lot of experience with gas pipes. Instead of figuring it out as they go, which a general maintenance worker or DIY enthusiast would have to do, they know exactly what steps to take and precisely how to do them.


Again, many of the same types of tools are necessary when working on piping, whether that piping is destined to carry gas or water. A qualified, professional plumber has professional-quality tools specifically designed to do these exact tasks. Trying to find and purchase the correct tools yourself would be challenging and very expensive. 


Working on gas lines is incredibly dangerous for an untrained person. There are immediate risks, such as causing damage to your home or injury to yourself, or even an explosion. And then there’s the risk that something will go wrong during your DIY gas pipe installation and you won’t realize it. This could lead to a slowly-growing hazard, like a tiny gas leak, that might one day have disastrous results. For the sake of your home, and the safety and well-being of yourself and your family, we implore you not to take these extreme risks.


The most black-and-white reason is that in most places, there are legal statutes in place that simply don’t allow amateurs to do any work on gas lines. You do not want to run afoul of the law. And of course, those laws are in place to avoid exactly the sorts of safety hazards we just explained. It’s critical to have not just a plumber but one with the correct certification, licensing, and insurance to do your gas line work. When you need gas piping installation in Orlando, you can count on us to do the job right. Our team has been providing these services to homes in our area since 1975.

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