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Why You Need Drain Vent Repair

Since most homeowners are unfamiliar with the workings of the plumbing in their house, they are often unaware that their drains require vents to work properly. The vents inside drains serve two important functions: First, they help equalize pressure throughout the plumbing. Second, they allow an escape for sewer gas that might otherwise enter your home through the drains, even pushing up through the water plugs in the p-traps.

Like all parts of your plumbing, drain vents need to remain in good repair. When you encounter problems with slow drains or noxious odors from your sinks, call for plumbing service in Apopka, FL to look into the issue and discover if the trouble lies with blocked or damaged drain vents. You can entrust this work to the plumbers at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI), where we have almost four decades of plumbing repair experience in the surrounding central Florida area.

Drain Vent Repairs

The plumbing vents exit your home through outlets on your roof. (This is one of the reasons repairs should remain in the hands of professionals: don’t risk your safety by climbing onto your roof to attempt amateur work on drainpipes.) These vent pipes can sometimes become blocked due to extreme weather condition or debris, and this will result in pressure changes inside your plumbing. Air will no longer be able to enter the drains, and this will slow down the drains or completely block them. If you find that a basic plunger will not clear out a drain clog, you may have blocked vent pipes.

The escape of sewer gas from your drains is a more serious consequence of blocked vents. The water inside a p-trap (the curved section of pipe beneath a sink) is usually an effective plug against sewer gas coming up through a drain. But the pressure from blocked vents will force the sewer gas up through the plug. A bubbling, gurgling sound accompanies this, so if you hear this noise along with the unpleasant odors, you probably have vent blockage and must call for a plumber.

When plumbers detect that drain vent blockage is the source of the problem, they will access the roof of your house, inspect the vent pipes, remove any obvious surface blockage, and then use water-jetting and drain snakes to clear out deeper clogging. If the vent pipes have sustained damage (a possibility after a storm, or even a poor roofing job), the plumber may need to replace them.

In Apopka, FL, plumbing professionals at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) can diagnose your drain problems and fix them, no matter the cause. Call us any time of the day or night for service.

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