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Answering Some Common Questions about Tankless Water Heaters

Although the tankless water heater is becoming more popular in the U.S. with each year, many homeowners are still unsure about whether they can really benefit from having one of these systems installed. We would like to address a few of the questions that consumers often ask regarding tankless water heaters.

“Are tankless water heaters a recent invention?”

No. In fact, the first tankless waters heaters were invented more than a hundred years ago, not long after the start of production of the first storage tank water heaters. However, these first tankless systems had poor energy efficiency and performance. Only within the past few decades has the technology matured to the stage where tankless models are very competitive in the market.

“What kind of energy source do tankless water heaters use?”

Tankless systems come in either electric or natural gas models. Electric models are usually installed only for a single appliance, however, or for a cabin or guest house. Gas models are the best choice for whole-house water heating, and can help immensely with energy savings.

“Is switching from a tank to a tankless water heater a good idea?”

It’s actually a great idea. We understand that people are often afraid of a technology with which they are unfamiliar, but tankless water heaters really are the future. Other developed nations have almost completely switched over to tankless water heating systems. And it isn’t difficult for professional installers to make the replacement for your home.

“Are tankless systems unreliable?”

This is the myth that most often holds people back from choosing to go with a tankless water heater. If you hear that a tankless water heater is prone to breaking down and losing the ability to supply enough heated water, it’s almost certainly coming from outdated information that’s more than 10 years old. Currently tankless systems are more reliable than standard tank models.

If you have more questions about tankless water heaters, call the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. We’re ready to arrange for your new water heater installation in Winter Springs, FL.

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