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The Big Question: Tank or Tankless?

When you’re getting yourself a water heater, you need to consider many factors. One of the most important factors to consider is whether you should get a tank or tankless model.

We know that making this choice is a little intimidating. Once you make the choice, you’re going to invest in a system that you’ll likely have in your home for over a decade. Not only this, but you’re choosing a system that you’ll use daily to power different appliances in your home. It’s an important choice and it’s why our professionals provide the right information so that you can make the right one.

We’re experts in everything water heaters in Orlando, FL. We’re prepared to help you with the service you need. Let’s talk about everything you need below…

Tank or Tankless?

Let’s start with the big question: should you choose a tank or tankless model? We’ll go through the benefits of both. 

Tank models are a tried and true classic. They create hot water and then store it in a storage tank until you’re ready to use it. If the tank model you have is properly-suited to the needs of your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run out of the water you need. 

Tankless models are great if you’re looking to take an eco-friendly and energy-efficient approach to providing hot water. Tankless water heaters create the hot water as you need it. They also never run out of hot water because of this. 

The bottom line comes down to the personal needs of your home. Here are a few factors to consider…


The size of your water heater plays a huge role in your comfort. The size of your home’s water heater depends on a few different factors. The main thing you need to consider is how much hot water each member of your household needs. This isn’t something we expect you to be able to figure out on your own. This is when you should come to our professionals to conduct a few calculations. Our professionals can figure out your FHR or “first-hour rating.” The number we come up with from this determines the amount of hot water (in gallons) that your home requires during its busiest hour. Once we determine this, we can figure out the capacity needs of your home. 


The size of your water heater really matters too. It’s what’s going to determine if you’re able to get adequate hot water throughout the day. If you’re unsure what size water heater you need for our home, then you should speak with our professionals. We take the EF rating into account. EF if your energy factor rating. The higher the energy factor, the more energy-efficient your water heater will be. When we factor in your EF rating, we’ll also take the specific needs of your home into account. 


It’s also important to factor in the amount of space that your water heater is going to take up. Most people have a spot in their home for their water heater. If you upgrade to a model that’s a different size, it’s important to make sure that you still have a spot for it. 

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