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Ways to Tell It’s Time to Call for Water Heater Repairs

The water heater in your home is one of the most important of all your appliances. No matter the temperature outside, no matter the time of year, your household relies on a steady supply of hot water for many tasks. Showering, bathing, cooking, cleaning. This is why it’s crucial to see that the water heater continues to work correctly all the time. To make sure that you schedule repairs in time, watch out for these indications—some not always obvious—that your water heater is running into problems.

  • Rumbling sounds: Any strange sounds coming from the tank of a water heater are a cause for concern. But the most common warning noise is rumbling. This doesn’t mean the water heater tank is about to burst, but it’s almost always indicating that there’s a repair issues such as a broken dip tube or excess sediment.
  • Corrosion: Any spot of rust or other type of corrosion on a water heater means the system must receive the immediate attention of a professional. If corrosion is allowed to spread, it will mean the whole water heater must be replaced.
  • Drop in water temperature: If the water isn’t getting as hot as it should, don’t simply shrug it off and hope it will go away. If the water temperature is lukewarm, it probably means trouble with the heat exchanger, heating elements, or gas burners.
  • Water discoloration: When the water coming from the hot water taps takes on a reddish-brown tint, it can mean sediment in the tank or the development of limescale and corrosion.
  • Leaks: You can expect to see a few drips coming from the water heater’s pressure release valve. Water coming from anywhere else is a repair problem that needs to have professionals look into it right away.

If it’s reached the point where no repairs will fix the water heater, you should arrange to have it replaced. Our water heater experts can take care of repairing your water heater or putting in a new one.

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