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Why You Need to Have Water Heater Maintenance Done


Have you ever had a water heater fail in the past? Or perhaps you’ve experienced power outages that have prevented your water heater from working? Maybe you’ve tried to shower without realizing that everyone else in your family had just showered, leaving your water cold? If you’ve ever been without hot water, you know exactly how miserable it is.

Most of the time, we don’t think about our water heaters until there is a problem. Unfortunately, failing to plan ahead could leave you in cold water.

Just like any other major home system, a water heater is meant to be maintained annually in order to function optimally and last as long as possible. Here are some of the rewards that come with a well-maintained water heater.

Fewer Repairs

When a professional comes to provide water heater services in Orlando, FL, they will address any existing issues or concerns. When a problem is caught early, the solution is simpler, faster, and less expensive than it might otherwise become. But without maintenance, the wear and tear of running the water heater can gradually worsen a small problem until it requires a much more extensive repair, potentially leaving you without hot water until you can have it fixed.

Energy Efficiency

The regular strain of being in constant use can slowly lessen the efficiency of a water heater. With a tune-up, the efficiency can be improved. Since your water heater may account for more than 15% of the energy use in your home, that improvement could mean a significant decrease in energy usage. This can decrease your utility bills while maintaining the same level of reliable comfort. It can also give you the satisfaction of knowing that your reduced fuel use is better for the environment.

Postponing Replacement

The cost and inconvenience of researching and purchasing a new water heater and having it installed is not something you want to deal with sooner than necessary. When a water heater is maintained annually, it lasts much longer than one that is not. In fact, a regularly-maintained water heater can easily last more than fifteen years. It would be better to have several more years of hot water, worry-free, rather than let your water heater deteriorate. 


Although water heaters are generally safe, you can’t be sure about one that’s been quietly deteriorating for years. A qualified technician can ensure that your water heater doesn’t pose any safety risk. When any appliance combusts fuel, there is a risk that the fuel could leak or that the appliance could emit carbon monoxide. With regular maintenance, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your safety is in good hands. 

Safety is also the most important reason for choosing a qualified, experienced plumber rather than attempting any repairs on your water heater yourself. A mistake is all too easy to make when you don’t have extensive training, and that could result in damage to the system or water leaks, or worse, gas leaks or injury. You can rely on our team to keep you, your home, and your water heater safe.

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