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When to Invest in Water Treatment


The water you drink should be clean and clear. It should smell and taste fresh. It shouldn’t leave residue on anything, and most importantly, it shouldn’t make anyone sick. Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re experiencing something with your water quality that doesn’t seem quite right. Or perhaps you’re a homeowner who just wants to make sure that your water is the best that it can be. At Modern Plumbing Industries, we’re committed to making sure you have the resources you need to make your water clean and safe for everyone in your home.

Water can be treated in a variety of ways. There are water softeners for hard water, and many options for water filters and water purifiers. Different systems solve different problems, and testing is necessary to determine exactly what the problems are. How do you know if it’s time to get your water tested and look into water treatment service in Winter Park, FL? Here are several indications to look for.

Cloudy Water

If you get a glass of water from the tap, any cloudiness from tiny bubbles should clear up within seconds. Lingering cloudiness could mean that you have hard water, with a lot of dissolved minerals in it. Or it could be methane contamination.

Smelly Water

Your water, very simply, should not smell. If there is an odor, it may be that the pH is too low or too high, or it’s high in salt. But odors can be caused by other contaminants as well. Drinking plenty of water is important for your health, and you’re definitely not going to want to drink your recommended daily amount if it smells funny!

Tasty Water

Your water should not have a flavor. The pH or salinity can affect the flavor as well as the smell. Also, some minerals can make water taste sweet if they are in high enough concentrations. One of those minerals is lead, which is very dangerous to consume, especially for small children.

Soap Residue

If it’s hard to get all the soap to rinse off your dishes or detergent to get out of your clothing, it may be a sign of hard water. The minerals make it difficult for the water to break down soap.

Film on the Surface of Washed Items

If you get a glass of water, is there an oily film on the surface? This can be caused by iron bacteria and is more likely to happen with well water. It may indicate that you need a new well pump, but testing can help you determine whether that’s necessary.

Discolored or Corroded Fixtures

Red or yellow discoloration around your water fixtures can indicate high levels of iron or lead in your water. Scaling on the faucet head may indicate scaling caused by high salt levels. Corrosion can be caused by other contaminants.

An Old House

In an older home that hasn’t had all the plumbing replaced since 1986 (when using new lead pipes was banned in the US) it is worth having your water tested. 

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