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Orlando Garbage Disposal Services

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A garbage disposal is highly important to the daily tasks you do in your kitchen. These systems make disposal of food waste much easier than it would be otherwise and reduce the risk of drain clogs significantly. Keep your garbage disposal running correctly with the services provided by the expert team at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

  • A team that is dedicated to quality and integrity
  • A family-owned and operated company that’s been in business since 1975
  • Our reputation speaks for itself—just check out our reviews!

Whether you need a new garbage disposal installed or you need your current system repaired, you can count on us to get the job done. We are dedicated to providing quality service with every job we do.

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Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement in Orlando

At MPI, we offer a range of Orlando garbage disposal services, including a wide selection of models to choose from when you are in the market for a new garbage disposal. Our plumbers can install your new disposal efficiently to cut down on labor costs, and we can also help you choose the most cost–effective unit for your needs and budget. After we install your garbage disposal, we’ll gladly take over the maintenance for the life of the equipment.

If you aren’t sure if it’s time to replace your garbage disposal, give MPI a call. We’ll send over one of our qualified technicians to assess the condition of the current unit. Your disposal may need a minor repair or adjustment, and our plumbers are equipped to handle many repairs on the spot. Once we’ve made the repair, we can check for other issues and let you know if we think replacing your garbage disposal would be a better option. We only hire service technicians with integrity, so you can trust that we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

Orlando Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance

If your garbage disposal is jammed or has stopped working, call MPI to speak with one of our Orlando garbage disposal repair technicians. We will send someone over to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. We also offer maintenance plans to our loyal customers. You can always call MPI for a professional advice; one of our goals is to help our clients properly operate and maintain all their plumbing equipment. Call any time you have questions or concerns.

Orlando Plumbing Tip

Taking care of your garbage disposal is pretty easy, but there are a few things you should know to help you keep it working as effectively as possible:

  • Never pour cooking oil down the garbage disposal; it can solidify in your pipes and cause clogs.
  • Don’t put too much in your garbage disposal at once. In order to keep your disposal working properly, slowly feed the food and run water down the drain before and after use
  • Don’t put stringy or starchy food in the disposal because they cannot be completely broken down. Some examples of foods that fit in this category are celery, potato peels, and fruit.

Garbage Disposal Tips

Maintaining your garbage disposal is important because it helps to keep your drain and sewer system free of clogs caused by grease or food waste from faulty garbage disposals.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your disposal:

  • Avoid pouring grease, cooking oil, coffee grounds, or other oily substances that can build up in your drain lines and cause clogs.
  • Avoid putting large chunks of food, starchy foods, and meat scraps into your disposal because these can cause jams or damage the blades.
  • For disposal jams, use the wrench that is designed for the socket underneath the unit to loosen the jam, or call the plumbers at MPI to take care of it for you if you aren’t sure how to use the wrench properly.

Any time you need an Orlando garbage disposal service, call the plumbers at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI).

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