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Kitchen Plumbing Services in Orlando, FL

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Imagine a gas stove that has no gas. Or a kitchen sink without any water supply. This would make for a nearly useless room in your home, not to mention the fact that cooking and cleaning up would be nearly impossible. Don’t let your kitchen fall into disarray. Come to Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. to get your kitchen plumbing services taken care of.

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We know how to work with a variety of systems and we know how to provide every service you may need. This is why it is a great idea to reach out to us today. Whatever is happening in your kitchen, we can help.

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We Offer Kitchen Garbage Disposal Service

If your kitchen plumbing system is without a garbage disposal, your pipes may be at risk. Garbage disposals help to protect your pipes from drain and sewer obstructions, breaking apart food into a sort of slush so that it can move easily into the sewer along with your wastewater. Don’t delay installing a new unit or servicing a broken one. Call the kitchen plumbing experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for comprehensive garbage disposal services in Orlando, FL. We can repair your unit, replace a broken one, or even retrofit a brand new unit for a sink that has not had a garbage disposal before.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Don’t let a leaky faucet go on for too long. Leaky plumbing pipes and fixtures are responsible for millions of gallons of wasted water across the U.S. each year. As soon as you notice that your faucet is in need of repair, get ahold of one of our experts to schedule an appointment for faucet repair. You can also call us if you want to replace an older faucet for aesthetic purposes or for ease–of–use. Your new kitchen faucet replacement may have a pull–out sprayer feature or it may have a higher arc for filling up large pots and buckets. Whatever your kitchen faucet needs may be, we’ve got it covered. Just give us a call!

Dishwasher Replacement

Did you know that using a high–efficiency dishwasher actually saves a lot more water than rinsing each dish by hand? If you’ve been putting off repairs or replacement for your broken dishwasher, now is the time to call an expert. We can help you find the perfect high–efficiency dishwasher replacement for your home. Keep kitchen tasks running smoothly and make your job in the kitchen a little bit easier by scheduling services with one of our kitchen plumbing experts.

Leak Detection and Kitchen Plumbing Repairs

While a leaky faucet may seem minor, it can waste a lot of water over time. Most kitchen faucet leaks are minor and can be fixed easily; however, leaks in kitchen sinks are often located beneath the sink in the supply pipe or connections, which means most people don’t notice leaks until that create damage to the cabinetry and floors.

Water damage inside the home can also promote mold growth, so it is important to catch leaks early. You can periodically check beneath the sink for any signs of a leak, such as wet spots or excess moisture, or you can call MPI if you suspect a leak. We have leak detection equipment that can find any plumbing leak (including sonar leak detection), and our plumbers are always equipped to make necessary repairs. Call us any time if you need a kitchen plumbing repair service.

Kitchen Plumbing with Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., we believe that our customers come first. That’s why we want our clients to get the quality products and services they deserve. Call us for all your kitchen plumbing needs.

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