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Underground Video Inspection / Pressure Test

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Sometimes there is nothing like being able to see a problem to help you figure out how to fix it. But what if the problem you are trying to hunt down is somewhere where you can’t see it, like, say, underground. When you encounter an unseen issue, it is a great idea to reach out to the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for an underground video inspection and pressure test.

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With our help, it will be a simple process to figure out what may be causing plumbing issues in your home. Underground video inspections and pressure tests can help us detect clogs, pipe breaks, and more.

Let’s see what is hindering your plumbing. Contact us to schedule your inspection in Orlando, FL.


What Is Underground Video Inspection?

Ever wondered what may be going on in the pipes? This may seem impossible without digging up the pipe you need to check out. Thankfully, underground video inspections circumvent the need to do that.

An underground video inspection involves the use of a high-definition camera attached to the end of a flexible cord that is fed into the pipe. This tool allows your plumber to see clearly into your pipe which means they can see what is causing problems, whether that be a tree root, a nasty clog, scaling, or something else.

What Is a Pressure Test?

You may want to schedule a pressure test for your plumbing as well. This service allows a plumber to check for leaks in your pipes without actually having to fill them with fluid. By using an air compressor to your pipe, your plumber can check the pressurization of the pipe which will alert them to if and when you have a leak or other problem in it.

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