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Summer 2012

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Great Ideas for Summer Family Fun

If you have children, you know how important it is to find time for quality family activities. You also know how difficult it can be to find that time. Here are some suggestions for family fun this summer.

  1. Go to the Beach
    It can be hard to convince your kids to get outdoors when the temperature soars. A trip to the beach is a great way for them to cool off while still getting in some time outside.
  2. Have a Water Fight
    You’re not always going to have time for trips to the beach. The kids are on vacation after all, not you. Luckily, fun awaits you in your own backyard. Travel isn’t necessary for quality time with your family.
  3. Grab a Field Guide
    Before you take your next family hike, pick up a field guide. This is a great way to get your kids interested in the outdoors, as well to sneak some education into their vacation. How many species of plants and animals can your family identify?
  4. Have a Picnic
    You don’t need to live in the country to appreciate the outdoors this summer. Grab a Frisbee or the baseball gloves and head off on a picnic. Even most cities have public parks and greens suitable for this. You have to have lunch anyway, so you may as well turn it into an activity for the family.
  5. Go Fishing
    Look up some local fishing holes and get an early start. This will provide you with a quiet, peaceful time to appreciate your family, hopefully with some moments of excitement sprinkled in.
  6. Start a Garden
    Get your hands dirty with your kids. Projects like gardening are a great responsibility for them to take part in. Watching their hard work grow and bloom is an exciting lesson for your children.
  7. Take a Bike Ride
    Family bike rides are a great activity for when the days start to cool off. Grab your helmet and explore your neighborhood with your children. It’s a great way to get a little exercise while spending time with your family.
  8. Set Up Camp
    You don’t necessarily need to head to the woods for this one. A simple night under the stars in your own back yard can provide a memorable night for your family. For a real camping experience, no electronics allowed!

Hopefully these tips help you get your family’s summer off on the right foot. Don’t worry if you go through these suggestions quickly. Make your own summer activity out of seeing how many more you can come up with.


7 Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping your garbage disposal running smoothly is easy when you maintain it. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of garbage disposal maintenance is the first step.

Here are a few tips to remember when operating your disposal.

  1. DON’T pour fats or cooking oils down drains or into a garbage disposal. They solidify in pipes. Instead, wipe grease from pots with paper towels and throw in trash. Coffee grounds can also clog the drains, as they often contain oils and they cannot be broken down further.
  2.  DON’T use the disposer like a garbage can. Avoid letting items like bread ties and napkin rings fall into the sink, as they can cause jams.
  3.  DON’T fill a disposer with too much waste at once. To maximize the grinding ability of the disposer, gradually feed food waste into the disposer. Run cold water down the drain for several seconds before and after disposer use to flush food waste through the plumbing system.
  4.  DON’T put stringy, fibrous or starchy waste in the garbage disposal. Poultry skins, celery, fruit & potato peels, for example, cannot be sufficiently broken down.
  5.  DO grind hard materials such as eggshells and ice. A scouring action is created by the particles inside the grind chamber. But don’t put anything too large or that may harm the blades.
  6.  DO use the hex wrench located below the disposal to unclog a jam.
  7.  DO call a technician if your garbage disposal is jammed and the proper tools won’t work to unclog the jam.
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