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The Embry Riddle University Solar Panel Installation Project was performed in conjunction with the replacement of the high roof on the John Paul Riddle Student Center in Daytona Beach Florida. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. was subcontracted to perform the installation by Tecta America Central Florida, LLC. Our scope consisted of installing four thermal solar arrays with each array consisting of seven AET collector panels. The collectors were mounted on a custom built field constructed rack supported by sixty four vertical pipe supports with each one bolted through the bar joists in four places. The domestic cold water will circulate thru the arrays via insulated copper piping totaling approximately 630 feet of installed piping. The pre-heated water will be stored in two 500 gallon insulated storage tanks in the first floor mechanical room and from there go to two existing gas water heaters serving the facility. Modern’s installation also includes a controller, control wiring, temperature sensors, a re-circulating pump, motorized valves, a 32 gallon expansion tank along with freeze, over temperature and over pressure protection.

  • 28 panel array
    Embry Riddle University
  • Two 500 gallon storage tanks
  • Controller and control wiring
  • Critical path scheduling