Plumbing Question: What is a Faucet Aerator?

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Saving water is something that everyone would like to do, and your Orlando plumber can tell you about all the upgrades available today, one of which is a faucet aerator. A tap aerator or faucet aerator is located on the tip of water faucets which are used indoors such as kitchen and bathroom sink faucets.  Their purpose is to spread the water stream into a number of smaller streams, in essence adding air to the water stream.  This saves the amount of water which comes out of the tap at one time while also reducing the amount of backsplash which occurs when the faucet is turned on.

Utilizing faucet aerators can be one of the most inexpensive ways to save money on your Orlando home’s water consumption and save energy.

There are two main types of faucet aerators, some which use metal or plastic screens to separate the water, and some which do not use screens. One advantage to those without screens is that they eliminate problematic clogging which occurs on screen aerators due to sediment buildup.  There are also aerators with off-valves and swivel aerators which allow users to direct flow to wherever the water spray is needed.

There are three main flow-types seen today. The needle method creates a circular pattern of small, single streams of water with no water-flow in the very center.  The aerated method created a tubular flow with air mixed into the water, creating a single stream of bubbly water.  The laminar method has no air mixed in which makes for a single stream of water with no bubbles.

Many aerators are designed as more economical low-flow aerators which optimize the water flow while still providing optimal water-flow performance.  In kitchens these low-flow options decrease flow from 2.2 gallons per minute to 1.5 gpm or 1.0 gpm, saving anywhere from 32% to 54% of water-usage.  On bathroom faucets the water-flow is decreased from 2.2 gpm to 1.0 gpm or even 0.5 gpm saving from 77% to 84% of water usage.  When engineered properly, low-flow or economic aerators can provide increased perceived water pressure while in actuality helping to save water.

When purchasing new faucet aerators, ensure that you find the proper type (male or female) and the proper size (regular or small).  There are dual-thread options for those who do not know whether a male or female aerator is necessary.  Also, look at the tap aerator’s price in conjunction with how much savings it can provide in water usage annually and see how little must be spent on each faucet in order to save hundreds of dollars. Your Orlando plumbing experts at Modern Plumbing Industries can help you find the perfect fixtures for your home.

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National Plumbing Industry Week!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Plumbers | Orlando | Modern Plumbing IndustriesApril 25th was National Plumbers Day, celebrated as part of National Plumbing Industry Week! Modern Plumbing Industries would like to salute our technicians and all plumbers working hard to provide top quality service to customer.

Did you know…

…how much a drip can waste?
A faucet that drips one drop of water per second can waste up to 100 gallons of water in a week.

…who the most famous plumber is?
The world’s most famous plumbers are probably video game superstars Mario and Luigi, of Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers series.

…that copper pipes have been used for thousands of years?
Copper piping, which is the #1 material used for plumbing work in today’s world, is the same material that the Egyptians used to lay their own pipe – some 3000 years ago!

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Plumbing Repair Guide: How a Garbage Disposal Works

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Garbage disposals are becoming more and more prevalent in homes across the country. So the chances are pretty high that you have one in your home. Garbage disposals definitely make getting rid of food waste easier. Instead of scraping all those plates and dishes into the garbage first, you can simply flush it all down the drain, run the garbage disposal and it magically disappears.

But do you really know what is happening when you turn on your Orlando garbage disposal and where all your food is really going? The truth is that a garbage disposal is not a particularly complicated piece of equipment. There are some variations, but in general your garbage disposal has a motor attached to rotating blades which are located in a chamber below your sink that is attached to your drain.

When you put food down the garbage disposal and turn it on, these blades shred the food into small enough pieces that it can pass safely through your drain pipes and out into the sewer system. The shredded food then runs with the water back into your main drainage system and passes out of your house.

This is a pretty simple operation, but there are some things you should be aware of if you use a garbage disposal in your home. First of all, it is important to never reach into the garbage disposal when it is running. If you need to reach in, make sure the unit is switched off. It is even a good idea to shut off the power to the garbage disposal entirely so that it cannot be turned on by accident while your hand is in there.

You may notice a foul odor coming from the garbage disposal after a period of time too. This is common and easy enough to fix, but you will have to get down into the garbage disposal to get rid of the smell. The smell simply comes from residue of the food you have put down the garbage disposal and that needs to be cleaned off so the smell will go away.

Again, make sure you have the garbage disposal turned off completely before you reach in to take parts out to clean them. You can also put baking soda, vinegar or half a lemon down the garbage disposal and run it in order to combat a persistent smell or to keep one from developing.

For more tips about how to maintain your Orlando plumbing, give Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. a call!

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Spring Tips from Modern Plumbing Industries

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Orlando | Plumbers | Modern Plumbing IndustriesCelebrate Earth Day by Conserving Water and Improving your Plumbing System You don’t need to plant a tree to celebrate Earth Day this year. With Earth Day just around the corner, you can find plenty of ways to save water and improve the efficiency of your plumbing system to help lower your carbon footprint. Repairing leaks, installing low-flow faucets or dual-flush toilets, and even lowering the temperature on your hot water heater are all ways you can save water and energy. Don’t forget that routine maintenance for your plumbing is an important part of maintaining optimal efficiency levels.

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Orlando | Water Heater Maintenance | Modern Plumbing IndustriesThe Importance of Water Heater Maintenance Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of regular maintenance for their water heaters. Not only will a well-maintained water heater last longer, but maintaining your water heater will also cut down on your bills. Sediment buildup and clogged pipes can decrease the efficiency of your water heater, even if you have a tankless or hybrid model. Here are some important reasons you should maintain your water heater, no matter what kind you have in your home.

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Plumbing Tip: Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Considering how often we use our kitchen sink – i.e., many times per day, every day – and all the grimy business that it usually has to put up with, it’s kind of amazing that we don’t all experience headaches with our kitchen plumbing once a week. Chalk that up to the marvels of modern engineering and design.

That does not mean your Winter Spring plumbing is perfect, though, and all homeowners face problems with their kitchen plumbing from time to time. Fortunately, many such problems are fairly common and routine and therefore are easily remedied.

Below are 3 common kitchen plumbing problems and some possible solutions for each:

  1. Clogged drain
    Probably the most commonly aggravating of all kitchen sink problems is the clogged drain. If you have never had to deal with one, first thank your lucky stars and then brace for impact, because you’ll probably have to soon. This is usually caused by some piece of food or other deposit obstructing the sink. Try plunging it out, or breaking it up by pouring boiling water or white vinegar down the drain. This may take several attempts. If none of that works, you can resort to a commercial drain opening product.
  2. Leaky faucet
    Got a dripping sound keeping you up at night? Often, leaky faucets are caused by an obstructed aerator, which is that little screen thing on the end of your faucet. Unscrew that, clean it with water and put it back on. If the faucet still leaks, there may be a loose fitting somewhere further down the line, in which case you may need to call in a plumber. (Bonus tip: To quiet the dripping noise until the leak is fixed, tie a length of string to the end of the faucet. The water will run down the string silently instead of clanging into the basin all night.)
  3. Garbage disposal won’t run
    The quickest and most common solution to this problem is the reset the garbage disposal by pressing the button on the unit under the sink.

If these tips don’t work to solve your Winter Spring plumbing conundrum, then it is probably best to call in Modern Plumbing Industries. Plumbing is a tricky thing – and garbage disposals can be dangerous – so sometimes it is best to leave it to the pros.


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Central Florida Events- Building Homes for Heroes

Friday, April 13th, 2012

There are two great ways to support Building Homes for Heroes coming up! The Operation MAKE A DIFFERENCE Bike Ride will be held this Saturday, April 14th, 2012. On May 4th, 2012 there will be a Golf Tournament benefiting Fairways for Warriors and Building Homes for Heroes. Modern Plumbing encourages anyone who is able to support these charity events. Building Homes for Heroes provides individuals, corporations and others with an opportunity to help our severely wounded and disabled veterans and their families rebuild their lives by working together to build or remodel homes for these heroes.

Operation MAKE A DIFFERENCE is a bike ride which runs from Orlando to Tampa on Saturday, April 14th, 2012. Sgt Josh Cope will be hand-cycling the 100 mile route. Participants of all fitness levels are encouraged to participate in either the 100 mile, 50 mile, or 10 mile routes. All proceeds go to building homes for combat wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Register online today at

Orlando | Charity | Modern Plumbing


Fairways for Warriors and Building Homes for Heroes will be hosting a charity golf tournament on Friday, May 4th, 2012. The program will include 18 holes of golf, lunch, range facilities, and a silent auction. All proceeds will benefit these organizations. If you are not able to attend, please consider making a donation to either of these causes.

Orlando | Golf Tournament | Modern Plumbing


Modern Plumbing is proud to provide services for all of your Orlando, Florida plumbing installation and repair needs. At Modern Plumbing our pledge is to establish lasting relationships within the community.  We constantly strive to exceed our  customers’  expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance and quality workmanship.

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Plumbing Repair Guide: How to Stop a Toilet from Overflowing

Monday, April 9th, 2012

An overflowing toilet is a really unpleasant problem to have with your Orlando plumbing, and one you will undoubtedly want to correct right away. Toilets are reliable in that they tend to last a long time and not act up much, but when yours does start to malfunction, you pay attention right away.

To start with, examine the root cause of the overflow problem. There are three major causes of overflow: a clogged or blocked drain that does not allow the toilet to flush properly, an improperly adjusted float that allows the tank to overfill and a blocked vent pipe that replaces the air in the pipe after each flush.

Each of these requires a different course of action, so let’s discuss each individually.

If the drain is blocked, you will probably know right away. For one, water will overflow from the toilet’s bowl rather than the tank. For another, there will probably be quite a mess. Treating this type of overflow problem is straightforward—remove the clog. For simple clogs, a plunger and some elbow grease will get it done. Another trick is to stick the open mouth of an empty two liter bottle into the drain and squeeze. The blast of air can knock the clog free.

If your toilet is clogging and overflowing frequently, however, the problem may not be with the drain or with anything you are doing. It may be that the vent pipe is clogged. A vent pipe moves external into the plumbing system to replace the air that is pumped out with each flush. When it is blocked, the toilet can’t flush properly, which can lead to overflowing. If you have trouble with frequent clogging, call a plumber to inspect the situation.

In both of those situations, the toilet bowl will overflow. Another possibility is that the tank overflows, which is a different kind of problem. This is often cause by the filler float being set too high, so the tank fills with too much water. You can fix this by simply adjusting the mechanism inside the tank that controls the level of the float.

Whether it’s one of these three, or something else entirely, when your toilet overflows, be sure to check it out and get it fixed right away. For any problems with your Orlando plumbing, give Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. a call today!

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Plumbing Repair Question: What Can Cause a Higher Water Bill?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

No one wants to pay too much for utilities in Orlando. You have probably already done a ton of research on how to lower your heating and electric bills.

Now, the problem is that after getting those bills to a manageable level by wearing extra sweaters and installing compact fluorescent bulbs all over the house, your water bill has gotten out of control. What gives? How can a water bill suddenly spike so high?

There are two main causes of a high water bill: a leak or a change in water use.


When there is a leak anywhere in your Orlando plumbing system, water escapes and more water rushes in to replace it. This means a higher water bill. Some common culprits in these circumstances include:

  • Leaky or running toilets
  • A leaky faucet, especially one on the outside of the house where it can go undetected
  • A broken or cracked pipe within the walls of the house
  • A broken, cracked or corroded water main

Some of these are more obvious than others. If your toilet is leaky or running, you have probably noticed by now and should call a plumber. Do a check on all your faucets, indoors and out, to see if they are dripping. A leaky pipe or water main is also usually accompanied by a drop in water pressure. If your shower head seems weaker than it used to, or your clothes aren’t rinsing clean in the laundry, these can be signs of decreased water pressure brought on by leaky pipes.

Changes in Use

You may think that you would notice if you all of a sudden started using much more water than usual, but it is not always that obvious. Sometimes we use water in sneaky ways that we don’t even notice, which can build up over time if done habitually. Some of these covert causes of increased water usage include:

  • A new shower head with a higher flow rate
  • Overwatering the lawn
  • Doing laundry more frequently than usual (such as after a child is born, for example) or getting a new washing machine that uses more water

Chances are, your astronomical water bill is caused by one of these two main categories of causes. Look over the list and see if any of them might be contributing to your water bill spike. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, call the expert Orlando plumbers at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.!

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