How Plumbers Perform Leak Detection Services

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Too often, plumbing leaks can go unnoticed and cause severe damage to your property before you even realize there’s a problem. Usually the first sign of an issue is higher water bills, and by then the leak may have done far more damage than you will likely be able to handle on your own. You need a professional plumber to perform leak detection services and determine the source of the leak, not only to repair it but to prevent the leak from occurring again. But how exactly do plumbers perform leak detection?

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Modern Plumbing Presents Awards to the 2016 World Plumbing Day Poster Contest Winners!

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the 2016 World Plumbing Day Poster Contest.

The team here at MPI loved seeing all the submissions and enthusiasm for World Plumbing Day 2016.  We wanted to send out a special post showing the winners and their posters.  Check them out below and join us in congratulating them on a great job!

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3 Plumbing Components That You Should Look at This Spring

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Are you planning to do any spring cleaning this year? If so, are you extending your efforts to the various systems in your home? There is a whole network of different systems and appliances in your home that need professional attention if you want them to work properly. Plumbing is one of those systems. Let’s take a look at 3 plumbing systems you should have checked this spring.

1. Garbage Disposal

You may think of your garbage disposal as some kind of invincible engine of destruction, but it’s actually just as vulnerable to issues as any other system. If you’re putting certain materials down the garbage disposal, like bones or ice, your system is likely to have even more wear and tear on it than usual. In spring, you should be sure to call for maintenance and repair services for your garbage disposal. This will help keep your disposal up and running for another year.

2. Water Heater

Of all the various appliances in your home, whether plumbing related or not, your water heater is one of the hardest-working. Most people use hot water multiple times a day, which means that the water heater is used more often than pretty much any other individual appliance. That results in a lot of wear and tear on the system, which increases the likelihood of problems occurring and shortens its lifespan. There are also concerns related to parts like the anode rod, which only last around a year even if everything is operating normally. If you want to have your water heater last as long as possible, you should definitely schedule maintenance services for it during spring.

3. Toilet

The toilets in your home are also likely used multiple times a day, which results in a lot of wear and tear. A toilet is less likely to break down in the same way that a water heater or garbage disposal will. However, that does not mean that they are immune to issues. The biggest problem that toilets suffer from is leaks, which can cause a huge amount of water damage in a short amount of time. One leaky seal around your toilet, and a whole floor could be flooded if given enough time. You should definitely inspect your toilets for cracks or leaks, and call for repairs as soon as you notice any.

Making sure that your various plumbing appliances are in good condition will help make your home more efficient, and yourself more comfortable.

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5 Ways to Maximize Space When Remodeling a Smaller Bathroom

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

No matter the size of your bathroom, improving the look and feel of the room makes your morning and nighttime routines go more smoothly. Making improvements to the way you store things, the size of your shower, and the position of your sink can maximize efficiency in your bathroom, but this can seem harder to achieve with a smaller space. We’d like to offer you some tips from our experts on what to do when you’re remodeling a smaller bathroom space.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Having adequate natural light can really open up a room. Sunlight makes the space feel roomier, so take advantage of windows and skylights if the opportunity presents itself. It’s also a lot more flattering than regular overhead florescent lighting when you’re getting ready for your day.

Design Your Bathroom with Built-In Storage

An easy way to maximize space is to have less clutter, and a built-in storage space makes this even easier. Design your bathroom to have built-in floor to ceiling shelving so that you can stay organized and access toiletries with ease. Keeping the shelving open makes things easier to grab, and it can make the space feel larger than a closed-off cabinet does.

Add Glass Shower Doors

When you can see the entire room from one side to the other, you can take in the whole space, which makes the room feel a lot larger. A shower curtain or wall divider makes the room seem smaller, while clear glass doors highlight the tile work inside of the shower and create the illusion of a larger area.

Choose a Simple Sink

If you’ve got a smaller bathroom, you probably don’t need twin sinks or a large cabinet underneath for extra storage space. Open storage is perfectly acceptable in a smaller space, and can be stylish if you choose nice baskets and bins to keep things organized. A simple pedestal sink adds a classic touch, and it won’t take up too much space. This small, shallow sink is perfectly okay for a small bathroom, and you can still find a stylish fixture no matter the size.

Have Fun with the Design

Choosing bold colors for your new bathroom can make people forget that the room is so small. A pop of color makes the space fun, no matter the size. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. You don’t have to use light colors to make the bathroom seem bigger. You don’t have to skip over spa equipment if it’s something you really want. Make the space fun and you and your guests won’t care so much about the limited space.

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4 Remodeling Projects that Can Improve Your Return on Investment

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

You’re looking for a home improvement project that you can enjoy for a few years to come, but also one that increases the property value for a future resale. Some projects have a fairly minimal return on investment, costing too much and adding too little when it’s time to sell. While projects with a low ROI are still viable options if you plan to keep the home for several years, some homeowners do not want to make a change that won’t increase the return on investment.

Here, you’ll find 4 projects that won’t break the bank and that can give your home greater appeal and value.

Upgrading the Kitchen

The look and feel of a kitchen is often the selling point for homebuyers, so even a few minor upgrades can go a long way. This is where people spend a large portion of their time at home, and they want it to be an efficient and pleasant place to cook, clean, and hang out with family. Fresh tiling, energy-efficient appliances, and an open kitchen and dining area layout are all improvements that people look for when they’re shopping for a new home.

New Doors

This is one project in which the cost of the upgrade is nearly as much as the value you’ll add. Your front door makes one of the most important first impressions for a potential buyer. In addition, updating your garage door is an excellent way to spend relatively little for a large return.

Outside Additions

One of the major benefits of adding a deck, patio, or outdoor room to your home is that it increases the square footage of your home. Quality workmanship makes all the difference when it comes to an outdoor deck or patio, so call a local contractor to get one that is custom designed for your home for a higher resale value.

Small Changes

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference when you are trying to sell a home. A fresh coat of paint, for example, can do a world of good for the look and feel of your home. Simply decluttering a home to take photos is an easy improvement, and it’s something you can do on your own.

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2016 Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. World Plumbing Day Poster Contest Winners!

Friday, March 11th, 2016

A big THANK YOU to all the schools and students that participated in this year’s annual World Plumbing Day Poster Contest!
We have selected the winning posters from this year’s contest. Here are the winning designs!

Middle School Winners:

Elementary School Winners:

Prizes were:
1st Place – iPad + $500 check towards their future education.
2nd Place – $250 check towards their future education.
3rd Place – $100 check towards their future education.

And the schools that produced winners received the following for their general fund:
1st Place – $1,000
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $100

All of the students did a wonderful job and we can not thank them enough for helping us celebrate World Plumbing Day 2016!


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World Plumbing Day 2016 Celebration and Poster Contest!

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Take a moment to reflect on the incredible importance of our plumbing infrastructure.


Every day we use multiple parts of the plumbing systems that help us stay hydrated, stay clean and a multitude of other things we tend to take for granted.

On March 11th every year, we take a moment to appreciate the advancements in technology that have afforded us the sanitation and water needs of a modern society. It’s important to us that we take a moment to appreciate the foundation on which our business is built, and one of the great pillars of society. Next time you go fill your water bottle, use the lavatory or anything requiring a plumbing system, think about the work and technology that goes into maintaining such an important system.

To celebrate the marvels and importance of today’s plumbing systems, join Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for the annual World Plumbing Day poster contest!

You could win an iPad, money for your school and your future education!

See the winners of last year’s contest HERE

For more information on World Plumbing Day, go to:



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Clearing Up a Few Plumbing Misconceptions

Monday, January 18th, 2016

The plumbing industry has been around as long as indoor plumbing has existed. As with anything with such a lengthy history, plumbing has developed numerous myths and misconceptions that linger in the minds of customers. Unfortunately, the development of the Internet has helped spread these false ideas, even while professionals use the Web to attempt to dispel them.

In this post, we will address some general plumbing misconceptions that professionals encounter.

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What Materials Are Best for Repiping My Home?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Repiping is one of largest plumbing jobs that a home might need—but also one of the most important. For the plumbing systems of older houses, the pipes may be made of galvanized steel, or even iron. Although these are tough, durable metals, they are both prone to corrosion over time. Galvanized steel was once the workhorse of the plumbing world for decades, but other materials have superseded it. If your home still has steel pipes, you should have them replaced before the inevitable corrosion sets in!

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2015 Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. World Plumbing Day Poster Contest Winners!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2015 World Plumbing Day Poster Contest Winners! Thank you to all that entered, we love seeing the engagement from the youth in our community and we were very impressed with the entries this year!

The 1st Place Winners will receive the following awards and a $1,000 donation to their respective middle and elementary school!

1st Place – iPad and $500 towards future education

2nd Place – $250 towards future education

3rd Place – Orlando Magic Tickets


And the winners are…

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