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Drain Cleaning Service—Is Now the Time?

A few months ago, we brought up the importance of drain cleaning and knowing when to schedule it. There are some definite warning signs you can watch out for that indicate the time for drain cleaning is now. But these are usually emergency situations, and drain cleaning professionals will come out to rescue you from the serious issue affecting the drainage in your home. (In some cases, this will require working with the sewer line for problems to solve even deeper problems.)

However, drain cleaning is also a proactive and preventive service, rather than just a reactive one. We recommend that you have drain cleaning scheduled as a routine service for your plumbing, not only something you do when you run into clogs, slow drainage, or bad smells from the sink drains.

The Frequency of Drain Cleaning

We strongly advise annual drain cleaning for every home. A year is enough time for fats, grease, oils, hair, soap scum, and other deposits to begin to have a negative effect on how well the drainage in a home works, and it can also start to get down into the sewer line and create bigger problems. There are various factors at work that can alter how often your drains require cleaning, and the best way to find a schedule that’s targeted toward your specific needs is call on our drain cleaning specialists to take a look at your drains and sewer line.

But we strongly advise that if you are thinking about drain cleaning in the near future, you have it done before the holidays start to arrive. The feastings of the season will place immense strain on drains and garbage disposals, particularly the enormous amounts of fat, grease, and oils used in cooking. If your drains already have a good amount of gunk in them, you’ll end up with clogged drains in a hurry during what should be a festive day!

So get a head start on cleaner drains and call our plumbers today!

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