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Looking at Some Common Tankless Water Heater Troubles

We really love tankless water heaters, especially the Navien brand tankless gas water heater. Here are a few of the reasons we recommend customers consider a tankless water heating option:

  • Takes up 80% less space than a standard 50 gallon storage tank water heater.
  • You can use your existing gas line for an easy retrofit.
  • Unlimited hot water supply—no tank to drain of hot water.
  • Tremendous energy savings: Navien water heaters can have up to a 0.99 Energy Factor, the highest in the industry.

However, no water heater—no matter how well manufactured—is invincible. Let’s look at some of the problems you may run into at some point with your tankless water heater.

  • No hot water: Make sure that the water heater hasn’t tripped a circuit breaker. (Yes, a gas-powered water heater still depends on electricity for important parts of its operation.) Look for an error code on the control panel. Read this code to the repair technician when you call.
  • The hot water isn’t hot enough: This can happen if more than one tap is on at a time in the house. In some cases, you may need to have a second tankless water heater installed. Remember, they don’t take up much space. A decline in water temperature may also be a result of sediment getting inside the heat exchanger and blocking it. This will require the work of repair professionals to fix.
  • Water is too hot: A problem that can also happen, and is usually the result of setting the unit too high. The temperature sensor may also be broken, in which case you’ll need to call for repairs.
  • Low water pressure: First make sure the problem isn’t from the local water supply. The issue may also originate from too many taps on at once. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, call for repairs.

That last bit of advice is good one in general. Don’t tamper with your tankless water heater any further than making some basic checks. It’s a natural gas appliance, and amateur work on any gas appliance is risky. Contact our tankless water heater experts for the service you need to restore your hot water.

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