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The Biggest Mistake You Are Making with Your Kitchen Drains

You use your kitchen every day for a variety of tasks, and that means an immense amount of water goes down its drains. If these drains become slow or develop clogs, it will mean large inconveniences and may even bring kitchen work to a halt until you can get a professional plumber out to the house to resolve the trouble.

You’re probably unaware that there’s a mistake you may be making that leads to an increase in kitchen sink clogging—one you can correctly easily to make kitchen life much easier. That mistake is…

Pouring FOG down the kitchen drains

No, we don’t mean actual fog! FOG in this case stands for “fats, oils, and grease.” These byproducts of cooking are often poured down kitchen drains without much thought. However, there are few things that are worse for drainpipes (as well as garbage disposals) than FOG.

The reason that fats, oils, and grease are such trouble is that when they are hot (such as just after cooking a meal or cleaning up after one) they are liquids, but they turn into tough and waxy solids when they cool down. It’s easy to mistake them in liquid form as harmless for drains, but once they settle down in the pipes and turn into solids, they will become a major hassle. Solid FOG will start to build up on the inside of drainpipes, reducing volume and making it easy for slow drains and clogs to start.

Professional plumbers can use drain cleaning equipment to scour out FOG accumulation and restore drains. But you can start reducing the problem right now by always pouring these liquids into a separate container rather than putting them down the drains. To make cleaning up easier, place the container into the freezer. Later you just remove the solid FOG and put it in the trash.

If you would like to schedule drain cleaning, either as a regular service or in case of an emergency, call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL. We offer 24-emergency service when you need it.

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