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4 Reasons Why Water Heater Repair Is Everything

A water heater from a quality manufacturer that received a professional installation should work for many years without requiring major repairs. To help prevent crippling issues, it should also have annual maintenance sessions from experts to see that it stays free from corrosion, loss of power, the development of sediment in its tank, and other potential setbacks.

Even with this level of care, a water heater may still encounter problems that will require repairs from skilled technicians. Sometimes these repair needs are obvious: total loss of hot water, massive leaking around the tank, etc. But some of the warning signs are smaller: decline in the volume of hot water, drop in temperature, rumbling sounds from the tank, signs of corrosion on components, discoloration in the water from the taps. Do not ignore these warnings or procrastinate about calling for repairs! As with automobiles and others parts of home, timing is everything when it comes to water heater repair.

ONE: The problem will not fix itself

You should never wait for trouble with a water heater to simply “go away.” Any indication that the water heater is losing power, developing leaks, or corroding means the kind of problem that won’t magically fix itself. In fact.…

TWO: The problem will grow worse

Repair issues in a water heater are progressive. That means they will worsen over time and cause a chain reaction among other components. Corrosion will spread. Excess sediment will lead to overheating that will damage other parts of the water heater. Failing gas jets will eventually go out entirely. You must have repairs done before you are faced with bigger repairs.

You will pay more to run your water heater until repairs are done

A malfunctioning water heater will raise your energy bills. You shouldn’t pay more for hot water because you are delaying scheduling repairs.

You risk water damage

With some repair issues, there is a risk of water escaping from the tank and causing significant and expensive water damage to your home. You want to avoid this if at all possible—so move fast when it’s time to call water heater professionals to fix the problem.

If you need water heater repairs, done fast and done right, call on the professionals at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL.

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