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Ask a Plumber: Why Does My Toilet Run So Long?

Running toilets are one of the most common problems that plumbers face, a nuisance that requires professional attention to properly treat. A  plumber can usually pinpoint the issue fairly quickly and implement a solution, but it may help homeowners to understand why their toilet is running so they know when to call for a repair.

A running toilet is invariably caused by a leak somewhere in the system. In some cases, a leaky flush valve is the culprit, in which case it can be fixed simply by jiggling the handle (the flush valve lifts whenever you flush the toilet, draining the water out of the tank). A leaky valve should be replaced eventually, and a plumber can diagnose whether the problem lies with the valve itself or the chain-and-handle connected to the toilet lever.

An improperly set float ball may cause the problem as well. It’s the rubber ball on the end of a stick, which shuts off the running water and prevents the tank form overflowing. If it’s not set properly, the water won’t shut off; it will just keep running.

A more severe leak could be taking place in the spud gasket which connects the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. In some cases, you can spot this leak by the presence of water on the floor around the toilet. Spud gaskets require a significant effort to replace, so a plumber should be called in as quickly as possible.

Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. employs some of the best plumbers in Orlando and throughout the surrounding area. Our plumbers are fully certified and we pride ourselves on our efficiency.  If your toilet keeps running and you’re not sure how to stop it, give us a call today!

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