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Polybutylene Piping and You, What You Need to Know

Polybutylene Piping was a common material used in the plumbing systems of many commercial and residential buildings between 1978 and 1995. Due to its inexpensive cost it was used frequently as a material for the plumbing system piping in homes and businesses. Since 1995 it has been discovered that polybutylene piping is actually vulnerable to leakage, breakage or general erosion due to the reaction of the metal with certain common chemicals used to treat water.

It is important to know whether or not you have this type of piping in your house because it may be susceptible to these erosive type failures that can cause or lead up to catastrophic failure event. Beyond the potential for a major failure of the piping, it is also important to note that many insurance companies may not underwrite insurance for homes or business that have this type of material. You could find yourself unable to get adequate insurance due to the discovery of polybutylene, which means a full re-piping of your home may be required. This issue has been known to affect home sales as well, and is often something a potential buyer will ask be fixed prior to completion of the sale. There have also been incidents of insurance companies dropping homeowner policies upon discovery of this plumbing material, making it extremely important to find out if your home contains this material and catching plumbing issues early.

If you find your home or business has this type of piping you may be asking yourself what the next step should be. Call us at Modern Plumbing Inc and we will come inspect the piping for your plumbing and give you some options for replacement. We want to protect our community residences and residents as well as local businesses, many times just getting an expert opinion can start you on your way towards having peace of mind that your plumbing is safe. If you live in the greater Orlando or Winter Springs, FL area give us a call today!

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