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Different Types of Drain Snakes

When people think of trying to clear out drain clogs on their own, three methods come to mind: the plunger, the liquid drain cleaner, and the drain snake. The first is generally a safe way to get rid of a clogged drain, and does an effective job of eliminating minor blockages. The second is an absolute “don’t.” The chemicals in store-bought drain cleaners can harm your pipes and they are also highly toxic and can leave fumes in your home that you definitely don’t want there.

The third, the drain snake (also known as a drain auger), is the best way to clear out clogs, especially tougher ones a plunger can’t affect. However, there are different types of drain snakes and you should trust to professionals, like the skilled staff at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., to handle operating them. For a plumber in Winter Park, FL who can fix your drain clog troubles, contact us right away.

The different kinds of drain snakes professional plumbers use

  • Manual cable drain snakes: This is the basic kind of auger; it’s essentially a corkscrew that a plumber manually turns to make the opposite end of the cable drill into the clog. Then the plumber reverses the motion to pull the clog out.
  • Flat tape snakes: Similar to a cable snake, but much flatter and capable of fitting into smaller pipes less than 2” in diameter. Sometimes they are used to push a clog through rather than pull it out.
  • Power snakes: These snakes don’t rely on manual power, but are hooked to motors. The operation is essentially the same as a standard cable snake, except they can handle far tougher clogs.
  • Toilet closet snakes: These are designed specifically for toilet clogs, and can be either manual or powered. They have extremely flexible cables capable of navigating toilet plumbing.

Get professional assistance

You can purchase drains snakes—either manual or motor-powered—through hardware stores and numerous websites. However, if you find that you can’t clear a clog using a plunger, you shouldn’t rely on the drain snake, especially a powered one. Instead, get a trained plumber with the best drain auger equipment available so you won’t risk damaging your plumbing.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has served Central Florida with expert plumbing since 1975. Trust us, there isn’t a drain clog we haven’t encountered before, and we have all the tools necessary to clear whatever blockage is plaguing your drains. For a plumber in Winter Park, FL who can solve your troubles, give us a call.

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