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How Much Water Does My Toilet Use?

Of the items that run water in your house, the toilet uses a high volume of water; in general, the bathroom is the place in your home that will use the most amount of water. Your toilet quite a lot of water each time it is used. The amount, however, varies depending on the type. More recent designs have a lower flow, while older ones can use up to four times as much water. And when it comes to a malfunctioning toilet, the waste of water can be enormous.

Conserving water is important for our environment and for your budget. We’re going to explain how much water your toilet might use so you can think about how to conserve, and also why getting repairs is so important. When you need to call a plumber in Orlando, FL, get on the phone with Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI).

A modern low-flow toilet uses about one 1¼ gallons per flush. According to the EPA, older models can use between 3½ to 7 gallons. As a comparison, a running faucet uses about 2 gallons per minute, so a single flush on one of these older models is approximately equivalent to running a faucet for anywhere from two to four minutes.

If your toilet starts to run without stopping, the amount of water it uses will leap up to extremely wasteful levels. A running toilet can waste up to 2 gallons a minute. That means that if you let it run for two hours, it will use 120 gallons of water! Even a leaky toilet is extremely wasteful, with the EPA estimating a use of 200 gallons per day. You don’t want to pay bills for that kind of drain on the water supply, so make sure you see to the problem right away, and get a plumber to help you if you can’t solve it on your own.

Make sure that you aren’t wasting water. Aside from unnecessary flushes, see that your toilet isn’t leaking or running without stop. With an older model, you might consider upgrading to a low-flow toilet with the government WaterSense label. Get in contact with Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) for a plumber in Orlando, FL who can offer you the advice and repairs you need to make the bathroom in your home more water conservation friendly.

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