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High Water Pressure and Water Heater Repair

No matter where you live in the globe, from the tropics to above the Arctic Circle, getting hot water is an important part of your daily comfort. Hot water doesn’t just do the job of making a shower a pleasant experience instead of a frigid one; it’s also responsible for cleaning your clothes and dishes effectively by killing bacteria. Whatever type of water heater you have installed in your home in Florida, you need it to work its best for you every time you turn on a tap or start the washing machine.

A problem we sometimes see in water heaters that we repair is high water pressure. Along with rust, sediment build-up, and simple neglect, high water pressure is one of the major foes of your water heater that can lead to the need for serious repair or even a full replacement. It’s also a problem people don’t often consider a danger. High water pressure can cause thermal expansion inside the heater, when the system starts to heat water despite there not being a need for it. This can cause internal damage and other, more severe issues.

The water pressure inside your home should be in the range of 50 to 60 PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge). A pressure that is too high might violate local plumbing codes, which require that any water pressure greater than 80 PSIG needs to have a pressure regulating valve installed. Even if your water isn’t at that high a pressure level, you should consider getting a pressure regulating valve installed if you are above 60 PSIG.

Getting a plumber with expertise in water heaters over to your house will help guide you through this. For an expert, high water pressure isn’t a difficult problem to remedy. The plumber can gauge your water pressure and then install a valve if it’s necessary. If you already have an existing valve, the plumber will know how to adjust it and help you maintain proper pressure.

Working with a water heater can be risky if you’re unfamiliar with plumbing: accidental blockages can lead to ruptures. It’s always better to stay on the safer side and get a professional plumber to help out. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) specializes in water heater repair in Orlando, FL, as well as water heater installation. We can handle hybrid and solar water heaters in addition to more traditional models, and we’re available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Contact us now if you need help with problems from high pressure water.

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