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Is It Time to Repipe Your Kitchen Plumbing? How to Know for Sure


If you’re having problems with your kitchen plumbing, and it seems like nothing you do about individual issues manages to address the root of the problem, you might be wondering how to go about replacing all of the plumbing in your kitchen. Repiping is a big decision, and there are a variety of factors you’ll want to consider before you decide whether it’s the right choice for your kitchen.


Of course, plumbing leaks simply occur sometimes. It’s one of those unpleasant yet unavoidable facts of life. However, if you keep developing new leaks as first one and then another fitting or segment of pipe gives way, it’s a sign that the whole system is on its last legs.

Low Water Pressure

This can be caused by a blockage in a specific area or it can be caused by the gradual narrowing of the pipes over time. This occurs when minerals from your water are deposited along the insides of your pipes. It’s called scaling, and it happens more quickly when you have hard water, but over the course of many decades, it can happen regardless.


Signs of corrosion on the inside of your pipes include discolored water and the presence of dark specks in the water. Corrosion on the inside doesn’t just affect your water quality. It’s also a sign that the pipes are losing their structural integrity, which is probably a factor in those leaks mentioned above.


How old is your home? Has it ever been repiped? Do you know what your kitchen plumbing pipes are made of? If the house was built before 1970, chances are high that your pipes are made of galvanized steel and/or cast iron. (What’s even more shocking is that sewer line piping was commonly made of clay!) While steel and iron were very reliable in the short term, they do have some weaknesses that are exposed after many decades of use. They are more susceptible to internal corrosion than the materials modern plumbers use. And that corrosion leaves a roughened surface on the inside of the pipes that help mineral scaling to build up faster. 

Modern Solutions

At Modern Plumbing Industries, we provide cutting-edge solutions to the decades-old plumbing problems found in older homes. Video pipe inspection is one of those high-tech options, giving us the ability to see directly inside your pipes. This way, we can locate and diagnose problems without taking anything apart. If the problems with your kitchen plumbing in Orlando do warrant repiping, we’ll provide you with a clear plan and estimate, and we’re happy to discuss the details and find ways to cut down on costs for you. When we do put in your new pipes, they won’t be made of galvanized steel or cast iron, because copper and plastic will provide many more decades of plumbing functionality than outdated materials ever could. 

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