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4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Serviced


Sometimes, homeowners aren’t sure whether or not repairs are warranted. A minor problem, or one that develops gradually, might be easy to overlook. While some things seem like obvious concerns, like a puddle of water below your water heater from a leak, other necessary repairs might be postponed because the problem isn’t as clear.

For the record, if your water heater is leaking, you definitely need to have it serviced. 

Here are four subtler problems you might encounter that indicate that you should have a technician service your water heater.

1: Reduced Water Pressure

If you remember having a strong flow of water from your shower or faucets and you’re not able to get that pressure anymore, it’s time for water heater service in Winter Park, FL. The most likely cause is scaling, which is a buildup of minerals from the water lining the tank or piping of your water heater. This narrows the paths the water flows along, making it nearly impossible for as much water to reach your fixtures. The solution is pretty simple: your technician will flush your system with a descaling solution, which is non-toxic and dissolves the mineral deposits. 

2: Discolored or Smelly Water

A reddish discoloration is usually caused by rust. An unpleasant smell generally means there is bacterial growth in your water heater. Either or both of these can be the result of a corroded anode rod because the job of the anode rod is to eliminate rust and bacteria. This is a component that can be replaced, and it’s important to do that as soon as possible. This can help stop the rusting and avoid the need to have your whole water heater replaced because of corrosion. 

3: Strange Noises

Have you been hearing odd or surprising sounds from your water heater? Many sounds, such as gurgling, banging, popping, or whining, can be caused by that same mineral problem that also narrows your pipes and reduces your water flow. When minerals settle to the bottom of a tank water heater, they affect how the water moves around the heating element, resulting in odd noises. However, if you hear a sizzling noise, it’s more likely to be a water flow problem or a condensation issue.

4: Fluctuating Temperature

While you’d certainly consider a complete lack of hot water a serious problem, more minor difficulties in keeping a steady temperature are easier to ignore. Many issues can cause water temperature fluctuation, including a broken dip tube, a malfunctioning heating element, or even that same mineral scaling we keep mentioning. A qualified technician can properly diagnose the cause and provide you with a solution to resolve the problem. 

If you have concerns about how your water heater is performing, it’s better to get prompt service and avoid having a small problem worsen. Repairs are always simpler and less costly than letting your water heater deteriorate until it needs to be replaced.

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