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Major Plumbing Leak? Don’t Panic, Here’s What to Do

woman-who-is-panickedPlumbing emergencies are one of the most important jobs we handle, because we know how fast a plumbing problem can turn into major water damage or a completely unlivable situation in a home. When you need an emergency plumber in Orlando, FL or the surrounding areas, you only have to pick up the phone and reach out to us, and we’ll soon be there.

We want to help you rein in those feelings of panic when you have a big plumbing leak. Here’s what you can do when you discover you’ve got leaking pipes or leaking fixtures.

ONE: Shut off water to the house

You want to stop water damage as soon as possible (as well as water waste), so the first step to take when you discover a large leak in the home’s plumbing is to shut off the water main. Take some time now to find the location of the valve that shuts off the water main. It should be located near to the water meter. Turn it until the water flow stops—and don’t turn it back on until the plumbers have given the OK. They’ll probably take care of turning it back on anyway. Make sure other people in the household know where the valve is located in case they’re the only one home when the problem strikes. (And remember which way to turn it: “righty, tighty—lefty, loosesy.” In other words, turn the valve counterclockwise to shut it.)

We recommend installing an automatic shut-off valve if your house doesn’t already have one; this shuts off the water main automatically in case of a leak and is useful for periods when nobody is in the house.

TWO: Unplug electrical appliances

In the case of huge leak issues, we’d recommend shutting off electrical power to the whole house through the electrical panel. In most cases however, you should only need to unplug the appliances in the area, such as light fixtures. This helps to avoid potential high voltage shocks.

THREE: Remove all valuables in the area

Clear out anything in the area of the leak that might suffer from water damage. If possible, clear out everything, since this will make it easier for the plumbers to take care of the repair work.

FOUR: Call a licensed plumber contractor

Now that you’ve stopped more water from escaping into the home, call up an emergency plumber. Make sure it’s a licensed and insured plumber, since this not only ensures the best quality repair work, but also protects you in case of damage done to the house.

FIVE: Remove as much water as possible

While you wait for the emergency plumbers to reach you, soak up and remove the water that’s already escaped. Put down towels to absorb the water or use a mop. You don’t want to give the water a chance to seep down into building material and create rot and mold. These are hard to remediate, so you want to see it doesn’t have a chance to start.

Fix your plumbing leaks the Modern Way! Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has proudly served Central Florida since 1975.

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