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Some Water Filter Cartridges You May Want to Use

water-testing-at-sinkWater filtration is a valuable service for most homes in the area. The water that travels to your home may come from a municipal treatment plant, but it can pick up numerous contaminants as it travels through the pipes to your house. In Florida this can often be a problem in storm season, when groundwater seepage increases the number of potential pollutants.

There are many different water treatment systems you can have installed for your water purification in Orlando, FL needs. The different water filter cartridges available allow you excellent flexibility to deal with the specific impurities in your water supply. When you work with our water treatment specialists, they’ll ensure you end up with the ideal filters.

Below are a few of the more common water filter cartridges you may consider to help purify your home’s water.

Charcoal Carbon Filters

These are the most basic types of filters and are inexpensive—but for many homes, they are all that’s necessary. The porous surface of the activated carbon traps many impurities and removes harmful substances such as chlorine (often a byproduct of chemical treatment) and chloramine without removing the healthful minerals from the water. Carbon filters are also effective at removing the “rotten egg” odor that comes from hydrogen sulfide.

Sediment Filters

You’re probably familiar with sediment filters from water filtration pitchers. These filters remove dirt, sand, and rust flakes. Sediment filters rarely work well as whole-house options on their own, but when paired with charcoal carbon filters they add an extra layer of protection for the water supply. Sediment filters need to be changed with greater frequency than other types of filters or they can end up blocking water flow and dropping water pressure in the house.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filters

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes move water through a semi-porous membrane by creating differing areas of pressure. These membranes are effective at removing salt, heavy metals, bacteria, and many other dissolved impurities. They should be changed every two to three years.

Ceramic Filters

A ceramic filter is a good choice if your house has trouble with bacteria and microbes in the water. They are also beneficial in general for improving drinking water. They remove sediment, similar to a sediment filter, but will not remove oxygen and minerals. If you are encountering serious issues with microbes in the water, you may wish to invest in a reverse osmosis filtration system or UV water purifier rather than relying on only a ceramic filter.

This is only a sample of the most frequently used types of filters. There are many specialty cartridges available to target specific water purity issues: fluoride reduction, arsenic removal, color changing, heavy metal removal, phosphate cartridges for corrosion and scale, and many more.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed reading about these numerous options and wondering where in the world to start, all it takes is calling us for water testing. This is the first step toward finding the filtration cartridges that will provide your household with water that’s safe for drinking, cooking, washing, and which will protect your plumbing from corrosion and high acidity.

Work with our specialists for excellent water filtration systems. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has proudly served Central Florida since 1975.

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