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What to Do When There’s No Water From Your Taps

hand-turning-faucetHandling major plumbing problems is a big part of our job as licensed professional plumbers. Often people won’t even think about calling a plumbing pro until they’re faced with a big emergency like flooding. (This is unfortunate, since trying to take on plumbing repairs DIY is a quick route to a bigger problem!) And few plumbing issues are more likely to cause people to panic than finding no water coming from the taps.

Loss of water to a house can happen for several reasons. Some need plumbers to fix, others don’t. We’ll go through what you can do when you find your house has suddenly run dry. If you need plumbing repair in Winter Springs, FL or elsewhere in Central Florida, we’re the pros to call to get the job done!

Check the other taps in your house

A single tap failing to work may be scary, but it doesn’t mean the water has shut down throughout the house. Before doing anything else, go to other taps and turn them on to see if they’re working. If only one tap is dry in the house, you may have a problem like silt in the aerator. Check the stopcock for the individual faucet and make sure it isn’t closed.

Ask your neighbors if they’re having problems

If you haven’t visited your next-door neighbors recently, now is a great time to be friendly! Find out if they’re experiencing the same loss of water. If they are, then you’re almost certainly dealing with a municipal water supply trouble. Call the water department to see what’s wrong and how long they expect the water stoppage to continue.

See if the water main is open

We recommend all homeowners know the location of the water main shut-off valve in case of flooding in the house. Usually it’s located next to the water meter. If you don’t have any water in your home, see if the main is open or if it’s become stuck. The main may have shut if you have an emergency shut-off valve, which can trigger accidentally. Look at the control panel for the shutoff valve and find out if it’s activated. Make certain you don’t have a leak somewhere in the house before opening the valve again.

Call for professional plumbers

There’s another possibility for a home losing water, which is frozen pipes. But—come on, this is Florida. Frozen pipes are not the problem! Anyway, at this point, you’ll want to have a skilled, licensed plumber check out the issue with your fresh water supply. You may have a busted or clogged water line, and this is something you’ll want fixed as soon as possible. (A reminder: the water main from the point where it crosses under your property line is your responsibility, not the city’s.)

Our plumbers are experienced with handling repairs and replacements for water mains. They use the best tools and methods to ensure the job is done right the first time. We believe the satisfaction of our clients comes first—even at the expense of profit. We aim to create a seamless process, no matter the job we do for you.

Schedule plumbing service the modern way! Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. proudly serves Central Florida—since 1975!

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