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Why Is My Home’s Water Pressure Dropping?

dripping-faucetTurning on the water in the shower in the morning and discovering that it won’t warm up is probably one of the least welcome things that can happen with your plumbing. But coming in a close second is turning on the shower and finding that the water pressure is so low that it’s almost impossible to get clean. Thankfully, if this low pressure is only coming from a single faucet, it usually means the problem is mineral deposits in the showerhead or faucet and can be fixed easily.

But what if the water pressure drop is happening all around the house? There’s something bigger going on. Let’s take a look at might the happening and whether you need a professional plumber in Orlando, FL to restore the water pressure.

Municipal Troubles

The first possibility to consider is that the low water pressure hasn’t anything to do with your home’s plumbing but is coming from the municipal water system. Check with your neighbors to see if they are encountering the same problem. If they are, the water pressure should be restored soon. If it’s not, contact the municipal company to see when the problem will be fixed.

Pressure Regulator Failure

To maintain constant water pressure in a home’s plumbing so it doesn’t spike too high and cause damage, a pressure regulator is attached to the plumbing system. (Not all homes have this.) If the regulator fails, it can cause a rise in pressure—but it can also cause the pressure to drop. A plumber will have to replace the regulator if this is the case.

A Partially Closed Water Meter Valve

There are two valves controlling water flow into your house. The water meter valve is the one you probably deal with the least: it’s located on the street side of the water meter and is part of the municipal system. If you are having water pressure problems, this valve may have partially closed. Open it up to see if this improves water pressure.

An Automatic Shut-Off Valve Malfunction

We recommend automatic shut-off valves for homes to prevent flooding in case of massive leaks. The shut-off valve is electronically controlled, and like any mechanical device, it can malfunction, leading to a partial shut-off of the water flow into the house. Call for plumbers to check on the possibility of a problem with the automatic shut-off valve.

Aging Plumbing

This is the most serious problem, but it’s one that often occurs in older homes. Pipes that are more than 50 years old are often constructed of galvanized steel or even cast iron—and at this point they are probably filled with corrosion, limescale, and are decaying. The water line may be leaking. If the water pressure issue is something you’ve noticed building up gradually, then these out-of-date pipes are almost certainly the reason for it. We strongly advise arranging for whole-house repiping to upgrade your plumbing system with modern materials like copper and CPVC.

Our plumbers have the decades of experience and the best tools to solve whatever problems you have with your home’s water pressure.

Solve your water pressure woes: Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has proudly served Central Florida since 1975.

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