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Why Is My Toilet Constantly Running?

toilet-with-button-flushYou know the sounds your toilet makes after the flush lever is pushed: there’s about a minute where you hear the slow run of water as the water in the tank flows down into the bowl to fill it. After that, the water will shut off and you won’t hear any more sounds.

But what if the sound of running water continues without stop? This is a running toilet, and although it won’t create a huge emergency, it does create a huge amount of water waste. This is definitely something you’ll notice on your next water bill. But you also can’t flush the toilet while its running—something you may have noticed before if you immediately push down the handle after the first flush. These are good reasons to have bathroom plumbing repairs done. When you have a running toilet that won’t stop, call for professional plumbers in Winter Springs, FL to take care of it.  

Why does this happen?

Here are a few of the possible causes for a toilet that runs longer than necessary:

  • Decayed flapper: The flapper, also known as the flush valve, is the round flap you see at the bottom of the tank. This flapper seals off the tank from the bowl once the bowl has finished filling. But the flapper can decay over time and fail to create an effective seal, allowing water to leak around it. You’ll need the flapper replaced. (We also suggest looking into installing a new toilet if it’s extremely old.)
  • Refill tube problems: The refill runs from the fill valve to the overflow tube. It’s where water entering from the feed refills the bowl. Problems with this tube can cause the toilet to start running at the wrong times.
  • Trouble with the float ball: The float in the tank controls when the flapper opens and closes. When the water in the tank rises, the float ball rises with it until it causes the flapper to shut. If the float ball is broken, it may fail to cause the flapper to close, and water will keep flowing into the bowl.
  • Worn gaskets: Between the tank and the bowl are gaskets to create a seal. The gaskets will eventually wear down, allowing water to run into the bowl. Replacing the gaskets is one of the most common types of toilet repairs. If you don’t see anything broken within the tank itself, the trouble is likely in the gaskets.

We made mention above about possibly installing a new toilet. If parts are wearing down, such as the gasket and the flapper, it might be due to the age of the fixture itself. If you have a toilet that’s more than 20 years old, it’s not only more prone to repair needs, it’s probably using much more water per flush than newer models. When our plumbers come to fix the toilet when it’s running, they’ll be glad to give you an expert opinion on whether it’s time for a new fixture. Contact us today to find the best option for your house.

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