Are you a victim of Backflow Preventer theft, Modern Plumbing Inc can help!

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Here at Modern Plumbing Inc we see and hear a lot about our local community and trends we are seeing in the area. Recently we have heard a lot about thefts of a crucial part of your plumbing system, the backflow preventer, and we want to educate you on what it is as well as offer some advice with dealing with it if you are targeted.

The backflow preventer in your plumbing system works to prevent the reversal of water flow of waste water leaving your premises and going into the municipal sewer system. When a water main breaks or there is a catastrophic event in the city sewer system the pressure differential can force contaminated water back into your system without a backflow preventer to block the pipe. While this type of event may be an extreme example it is imperative that you have a safety feature in place to prevent even the most minor of issues.

If you have been targeted by local thefts and discover your backflow preventer has been removed then please call us here at Modern Plumbing Inc for help replacing it. We can help you determine which valve is right for your system as well as come out and do an onsite investigation of the plumbing to determine there is no further damage. We want to help you move forward from an event like a theft of your backflow preventer so you can get on with your life and protect your system. Should you find yourself in a situation which requires a backflow preventer replacement then give us a call here at Modern Plumbing Inc and we will help get you back on track!

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What You Need to Know About Water Heaters and Pipe Replacement

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Your water heater get s a ton of use every single day. It is probably one of your most-used appliances. While you are probably aware that problems can develop with your water heater itself, did you know that you can also have issues with the pipes that lead into it?

Your water heater uses several different types of pipes in order to deliver cold water to it and to pump heated water into your home. There are probably some copper pipes as well as some plastic pipes as well leading into or out of your system. Here are a few common things that you need to know about these pipes.

  • Copper pipes – These types of pipes are used to carry water because of their durability and resistance to corrosion. Because your water heater uses so much water it can take a toll on plastic pipes. However, these types of pipes are more difficult to repair because the copper must be cut and soldered in order to replace the pipes.
  • Plastic PVC – Another common type of pipe you might see near your water heater is PVC. This will usually only be used for fresh water intake as this kind of pipe is not often used with hot water. This is an easier type of pipe to work with because it doesn’t need to be soldered.

Causes of Pipe Replacement

There are a couple common things that can cause your water heater’s pipes to need replacement. One common cause is corrosion. If your home’s water supply is of a certain acidity or if you have hard water, it can cause minerals or corrosion to build up inside the pipes. This will cause huge issues for your water heater. Rust is another issue that can develop and cause the need for pipe replacement. While copper is very resistant to rust, the soldering material used to fit the pipes together (referred to as “flux”) can start to rust. And, of course, there are pipes made of other materials that can be used in your home, such as steel and polybutylene, which can can also have issues with both rust and corrosion. If you are not sure what your water heater pipes are made of, call your local Orlando plumber to examine your system.

If you need water heater repair in Orlando, make sure that you call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) .

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Polybutylene Piping in Your Orlando House? Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. Can Help!

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Your plumbing system is a critical part of your home, and it’s important to know what materials are used in its construction. Between 1978 and 1995, a type of piping called polybutylene was used across the country because it was relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Over time, however, it was discovered that these pipes are susceptible to some of the chemicals used to treat water systems, and therefore vulnerable to erosion, leakage and breakage. While structures built since that time have not used this type of piping, there are many homes that should have polybutylene pipes replaced.

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., we have come across this material on numerous occasions, and it may require a complete re-piping to pass inspection or to qualify for insurance. While this can be a major job, it is necessary in order to prevent catastrophic failure of the pipes, and to ensure the safety of your home. Being proactive is the best way to protect yourself from the issues that can arise from polybutylene pipes, so call us today to come take a look at your current system. We can recommend the best solution moving forward.

If you live in the Orlando, FL area and aren’t sure of what type of piping you have in your home, call one of our plumbing experts for professional consultation. We can run you through the steps necessary to move forward with replacing your system. Here at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., we want our community to be safe from the types of major issues that can arise from a system using polybutylene piping. Let us help you protect your home.

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Can Neglecting Drain Cleaning Cause Damage?

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Having good, working drains is critical to your home’s proper functioning and also to your daily life. Getting regular drain cleaning is one of the best ways for you to make sure that your drains continue to work well for as long as possible. But what happens if you neglect drain cleaning? Can it really cause damage to your home’s plumbing system? Here at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI), we are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and to the quality of work that we do. We anted to help our customers understand the importance of getting regular drain cleaning in Orlando, FL.

The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning

Your drains get a ton of use every single day from showers, toilets, sinks, dish washers, and laundry machines. All that use can cause your drains to develop small clogs, cracks and leaks. These types of problems usually start small and then end up becoming larger, more costly repairs.

But when you get regular drain cleaning, you might be able to keep those problems from being quite such a hassle. During a drain cleaning visit, your plumber will thoroughly clean out your entire drain system. This will allow them to remove any small clogs that are developing before they completely clog your drain. Your plumber will also inspect your drains for any leaks and cracks that could be happening. This is probably the best way for you to potentially avoid drain leaks. However, if you neglect to get drain cleaning, there’s no way for your to keep those small clogs or cracks from becoming full-blown plumbing repairs.

Call for Drain Cleaning in Orlando, FL

If you’re tired of having your drains clog or if you’d like to potentially avoid plumbing repair, call the friendly experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI).  We will visit your home on a regular basis and use our specialized tools to thoroughly clean out your entire drain and plumbing system. Contact us today for drain cleaning in Orlando, FL.

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