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Why Can’t I Just Do My Own Drain Cleaning?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Clogged drains are a fact of life, and can stem from many sources. Backed-up drains may stem from undergrowth and blockage from rainstorms, in addition to more universal causes like build-up inside the drains. A frugal homeowner may wish to address drain cleaning themselves, using a store-bought snake or similar piece of equipment. It usually pays to hire a professional for all but the most perfunctory drain cleaning jobs however. Why can’t you just do your own drain cleaning? The reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment. A basic drain snake is sufficient for a minor blockage, but many blockages are more serious than that. Professional plumbing services have mechanized snakes to provide considerable power, as well as a variety of snake heads to fit the particular blockage. That allows them to treat the issue more quickly and efficiently, saving you a great deal of time and stress.
  •  Know-how. Plumbers handle drain cleaning issues for a living. They understand the causes and can implement an appropriate solution. If the situation needs a snake or other equipment, they know how to deploy it properly. They also might have specialized equipment, such as hydro-jetting. Either way, you benefit from the training and experience of a qualified professional, rather than having to guess your way through the operation.
  • Safety. Along those lines, attempting to address a clogged drain yourself can result in additional damage to your pipes or other parts of your plumbing. A licensed plumber not only brings the skill and know-how to that equation – minimizing the risk of further damage – but he is insured to cover the costs of any additional damage that is incurred.

In frugal times, people want to save on costs, and doing your own drain cleaning may sound like an easy answer. It can cost you in the long run, however, especially if a quality professional plumber can do the job quickly and efficiently. Call upon the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. to handle drain cleaning in Orlando and throughout the surrounding communities

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Ask a Plumber: Why Does My Toilet Run So Long?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Running toilets are one of the most common problems that plumbers face, a nuisance that requires professional attention to properly treat. A  plumber can usually pinpoint the issue fairly quickly and implement a solution, but it may help homeowners to understand why their toilet is running so they know when to call for a repair.

A running toilet is invariably caused by a leak somewhere in the system. In some cases, a leaky flush valve is the culprit, in which case it can be fixed simply by jiggling the handle (the flush valve lifts whenever you flush the toilet, draining the water out of the tank). A leaky valve should be replaced eventually, and a plumber can diagnose whether the problem lies with the valve itself or the chain-and-handle connected to the toilet lever.

An improperly set float ball may cause the problem as well. It’s the rubber ball on the end of a stick, which shuts off the running water and prevents the tank form overflowing. If it’s not set properly, the water won’t shut off; it will just keep running.

A more severe leak could be taking place in the spud gasket which connects the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. In some cases, you can spot this leak by the presence of water on the floor around the toilet. Spud gaskets require a significant effort to replace, so a plumber should be called in as quickly as possible.

Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. employs some of the best plumbers in Orlando and throughout the surrounding area. Our plumbers are fully certified and we pride ourselves on our efficiency.  If your toilet keeps running and you’re not sure how to stop it, give us a call today!

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Polybutylene Piping and You, What You Need to Know

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Polybutylene Piping was a common material used in the plumbing systems of many commercial and residential buildings between 1978 and 1995. Due to its inexpensive cost it was used frequently as a material for the plumbing system piping in homes and businesses. Since 1995 it has been discovered that polybutylene piping is actually vulnerable to leakage, breakage or general erosion due to the reaction of the metal with certain common chemicals used to treat water.

It is important to know whether or not you have this type of piping in your house because it may be susceptible to these erosive type failures that can cause or lead up to catastrophic failure event. Beyond the potential for a major failure of the piping, it is also important to note that many insurance companies may not underwrite insurance for homes or business that have this type of material. You could find yourself unable to get adequate insurance due to the discovery of polybutylene, which means a full re-piping of your home may be required. This issue has been known to affect home sales as well, and is often something a potential buyer will ask be fixed prior to completion of the sale. There have also been incidents of insurance companies dropping homeowner policies upon discovery of this plumbing material, making it extremely important to find out if your home contains this material and catching plumbing issues early.

If you find your home or business has this type of piping you may be asking yourself what the next step should be. Call us at Modern Plumbing Inc and we will come inspect the piping for your plumbing and give you some options for replacement. We want to protect our community residences and residents as well as local businesses, many times just getting an expert opinion can start you on your way towards having peace of mind that your plumbing is safe. If you live in the greater Orlando or Winter Springs, FL area give us a call today!

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Is a Hybrid Water Heater in Orlando, FL a Good Fit?

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Traditional water heaters use a large tank to warm up the water before distributing it into your home’s plumbing. Some Orlando, FL homes use tankless water heaters instead, which generate hot water according to need instead of maintaining a reservoir the way tanked modes do. Both types have their benefits and drawbacks, but there may be a third option – hybrid water heaters – that successfully provide some of the benefits of both models.

The biggest drawback to a traditional tank water heater is inefficiency; the tank itself loses a great deal of heat over time and the cost of maintaining that hot water can be considerable. Tankless water heaters eliminate that waste, since they heat the water when you need it rather than keeping it heated all the time. Instead of being stored in a tank, cold water passes through a heater that quickly raises the temperature, then passes it on to the faucet, eliminating the need for storage.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters can’t always keep up with a high demand for hot water; according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they work best when you use less than 41 gallons of water a day, and their efficiency drops when you use more than that.

To save energy while giving you plenty of hot water, hybrid water heaters make use of a heat pump, which helps pull the heat from the surrounding air and use it to warm the water stored in the tank. That makes them much more efficient than more conventional water heaters. They are hybrids because they can switch back and forth from the heat pump to a traditional electric water heating. They can be installed fairly easily by a trained professional. Their energy efficiency lets homeowners save money while still taking advantage of standby heated water.

If you’re wondering whether a hybrid water heater is a good fit for you, contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for a consultation. We can inspect your existing water heating system and determine if you could benefit from the installation of a hybrid heater. Our trained experts are available throughout the Orlando, FL area, so don’t hesitate to call!

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How Can I Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

You rely on the plumbing system in your home for countless chores and household duties, including dishwashing, bathing and doing the laundry. Of course, once you have used the water piped into your home to do so, it has to get out somehow. That is where your drain lines come in. Disposing of wastewater in an effective, hygienic manner is one of the most important functions of your plumbing system, and it is vital that you ensure your drainage system is able to operate properly. With professional drain cleaning in Orlando from Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., you can have confidence that your drains will function reliably.

There is simply no way that you can prevent foreign substances from making their way into your drains. Even when you use drain guards to keep food, hair and other items out of your drains, they cannot be 100% effective. Because of this, it is a common problem for homeowners to deal with slow-moving, clogged and completely backed up drains. All too often, homeowners content themselves with pouring liquid drain cleaner into the bathtub or down the kitchen sink. This is simply not nearly effective or dependable a method. To get a truly outstanding performance from the drains in your home, you need professional drain cleaning.

The problem with liquid cleaners is that they rarely are able to clear away a clog completely. If even a small chunk of the clog is left behind, it is only a matter of time before that clog reforms. Some homeowners attempt to snake out their drains on their own. Again, the likelihood of completing the job thoroughly is just not guaranteed. It is possible for an amateur to simply push the snake through a clog, leaving a ring around the interior of the pipes. This will allow some water through, which may fool you into thinking that you have successfully cleaned the drain. Only a professional, though, has the tools, including video camera pipe inspection equipment, to ensure that the job is completed completely.

For more information about the benefits of professional drain cleaning, or to schedule service with the Orlando drain cleaning pros on our team, give MPI a call today. We will gladly clear out your drains to prevent future problems, including the potential for a pressure imbalance and burst pipes, within your plumbing system. Call now for more details.

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