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Signs That You Should Call for Repairs for Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are one of the best ways to provide hot water to a household. The benefits of these systems are numerous: They consume far less energy than conventional storage tank systems. They won’t run out of hot water because they always heat up more water “on demand.” They have lengthy service lives. They take up a small amount of space. And so on.

But tankless water heaters have the same weakness that all water heaters and other mechanical systems have: they aren’t invincible. At some point you may need to call for repairs when your tankless water heater runs into problems. Below are some indications that your gas-powered water heater needs expert help:

An abrupt lack of hot water

A problem that tankless water heaters sometimes encounter is a combustion shutdown. This can occur when the venting of exhaust gases is restricted in some way (possibly blockage in the venting tubes). The computer system that monitors the tankless water heater will shut it down when it detects this problem as a safety precaution. It will take professionals to discover why the computer turned off the water heater and then repair the trouble.

A reduction in water flow

One of the issues that can affect a tankless water heater is build-up of minerals. This is especially common when a home has trouble with hard water. As minerals build up in the tankless water heater, they will affect efficiency—something you will notice on your heating bills—but it will also start to restrict water flow, which will cause a noticeable drop water flow from fixtures.

Water won’t get hot enough

This may happen because of a problem with mineral accumulation, or it could be corrosion inside the water heater. Either will make it more difficult for the heat exchanger to transfer energy from the burners to the water and warm it up.

If you need repairs for your tankless water heater, call on Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL.

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