How Plumbing Repairs Save You Money in Orlando

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Because there are so many types of plumbing repairs which could spring up unexpectedly, there are a number of variables which can affect the cost of fixing the problem.  However, one of the most important things to remember when dealing with a plumbing problem is to hire a licensed plumbing company in Orlando, such as Modern Plumbing Industries. Our skilled plumbers will perform your plumbing repairs in a professional manner and at a reasonable price point, and it is always less expensive when the problem is fixed the first time.

Save Money by Using Common Sense

Much of the time when plumbing problems occur small things over time have compounded to become one big issue which results in the need for plumbing repair.  By making certain that you are taking proper care of your pipes you can prevent plumbing issues altogether or at least keep your plumbing up and running until that next plumbing maintenance check.  Use drain screens to prevent everyday objects, jewelry, hair, and excesses of soaps and toothpaste from going down drain.  Pour hot water down drains to clear out the normal daily soap-scum buildup which occurs.

Save Money with Plumbing Maintenance

Ensuring proper plumbing maintenance is performed will mean fewer emergency plumbing repairs, which means less out of pocket to pay for them.  This includes having a professional plumber such as ours come in annually to perform a full plumbing maintenance inspection to identify and fix small problems that would have only grown and cost you more in plumbing repairs.

Save Money on Taxes

Some plumbing repairs will be tax-deductible at the end of the year especially if it affects how much your home is worth, such as replacing old pipes with copper pipes.  If you have a home office, plumbing repairs in that section should be tax deducted for business expenses.  And also if the plumbing repair is quite major and is energy-related for more energy-efficiency.

Save Money with the Right Plumbing Company in Orlando Florida

Modern Plumbing Industries is a plumbing company in Orlando that provides quality plumbing repair and plumbing system maintenance programs to our valued customers.  Allow our experienced plumbing technicians to perform your plumbing repairs and plumbing maintenance in an efficient and professional manner.  Contact Modern Plumbing Industries for all your Orlando plumbing system needs.


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Modern Plumbing Industries to Play in the March of Dimes 20th Annual Mudd Volleyball Challenge

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

On Saturday, August 25th Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. will be playing in the March of Dimes 20th Annual Mudd Volleyball Challenge charity event. Our team, the Modern Mudd Makers will playing and raising money to support the March of Dimes’ fight against infant mortality, premature birth and birth defects. In 2011 over 166 corporate teams participated in the event and raised over $165,000.

March of Dimes Charity | Orlando | Modern Plumbing Industries

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Plumbing Question: What Can Cause a Clogged Kitchen Sink Lines?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Clogged kitchen sink lines are a problem many homeowners experience. It is important to understand the main causes of clogs in kitchen sink lines in order to avoid them in the future.  If you do have a kitchen sink clog it is important to work with a plumbing company in Orlando such as those at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.  that can easily identify the clog and fix it quickly.

Causes of a Kitchen Sink Clog

  • Food in the Drain:  When food that is left on dishes slips into the drain, it can stick to the walls of the sink drain, and cause a kitchen sink clog.  Especially susceptible are starchy foods such as cereal and bread, as well as hard to grind foods such as potato peels.  The best preventive solution to this is to dispose of excess food on dishes in the compost or trash can, or to use a strainer over the sink while cooking.  Utilizing a garbage disposal can assist with some food clogs, but they are not intended for use on every single piece of unused food and should thus be used sparingly.
  • Grease:  Grease in its liquid form does flow through drains, generally when the grease is hot or warm.  However, when grease solidifies, it turns into a goopy mess that easily sticks to the walls of a drain.  Once other substances go down the drain they are more likely to stick as well and cause a clogged kitchen sink.  Grease should never be poured down a drain in its liquid form, nor sent down the drain in its solid form.  Instead place hot grease in a tin can to cool and solidify and then dispose of it in the trash can.
  • Foreign Objects:  With a busy household comes the added worry of foreign objects being accidently sent down the kitchen sink drain.  These can be anything from dropped jewelry, to small toys, silverware, or paper towels.  Any foreign objects in the sink drain can easily cause a kitchen sink clog to occur.  Pay attention to what you keep around your kitchen sink, as this will help to lessen the occurrence of such drain clogs.

Clogged Kitchen Sink Repair

When clogged kitchen sink lines do occur, it is essential to have them fix quickly with professional Orlando plumbing technicians who have years of education and hands-on experience handling every type of drain problem which accidently happens.  Contact your Orlando plumbers at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today!

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Seminole County Environmental Services Customers Receive up to $100 in Rebates!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Are you a water customer of Seminole County Environmental Services? Receive up to $100 for replacing high flow toilets with WATERSENSE labeled toilets (maximum 2) when you purchase between May 25th, 2012 and April 30, 2013. Learn more!



Rebates | Orlando | Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today to find out more about saving water with low flow fixtures. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. provides professional plumbing services including plumbing installation, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, plumbing repair, drain and sewer services, and water treatment systems. We have been providing top quality plumbing services throughout the Orlando and Central Florida areas for over 30 years. Call MPI today to find out more about money saving upgrades and all of our plumbing services.

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Common Water Treatment Repairs in Orlando

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Home water treatment systems are intended to solve a problem – namely, sub par or poor water quality. So, when you start having problems with your water treatment system, it is understandably frustrating. Still, water treatment systems are imperfect devices like every other home appliance, and therefore run into occasional need for repair.

What are some of the more common repairs that Orlando water treatment systems need over the course of operation? This post discusses a few.


Any time you are talking about a device that handles water, there is the potential for leaks. Obviously water treatment equipment is designed to keep water inside the system, but over time all those valves, gaskets and O-rings can harden and degrade, leaking to leaks. This is a simple and routine repair for an experienced Orlando plumbing professional.

 Poor Water Quality

Of course, the single more troublesome problem you can have with your home water treatment system is that it is no longer keeping your water clean to the standard that it is supposed to. Depending on the contaminants or other water treatment issues intrinsic to your area, you may notice discoloration, murk, odors or signs of hard water. Depending on what kind of water treatment system you have in your home, it could be a failure of the actual treatment components, such as the filters, chemicals or UV lights.

Again, this is fairly common and a professional can troubleshoot the problem and make the repair quickly.

Electrical Problems

Finally, trouble with your water treatment system may not be a function of the actual treatment equipment itself, but of the electrical equipment that keeps it running. If you notice your water treatment system isn’t running, or if you see some of the poor quality signs from above, there may be an electrical problem somewhere up the line that needs attention.

Faulty wiring, a blown fuse or any other electrical snafu can cause these types of problems, but for safety reasons should only be repaired by a professional.

Any of these issues can be an annoyance, but take some comfort in knowing that they are common and therefore the repairs to correct them are common as well. For any plumbing repair in the Orlando area, give Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. a call today!

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Sanford Art Walk

Friday, July 13th, 2012

July 27th is the SaLocal Events | Sanford | Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.nford Art Walk hosted by the Historic Sanford Welcome Center. Central Florida artists will be featured, along with live music and food. The event is free and open to the public. Beginning at 6pm, the Art Walk winds through historic downtown Sanford. The Art Walk occurs every fourth Friday of each month. This month’s theme is “Breakable” – A tribute to all things breakable, broken or pieced back together.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. is proud to provide top quality plumbing, water heater, and water treatment system service to the resident of Sanford and throughout the Central Florida area.

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Drain and Sewer Question: Why is Drain Cleaning Important?

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Your home drainage system probably does not get the care that it deserves. More than any other system in our homes, drains are the most likely to be ignored until a problem arises. Drain cleaning is the best way to make sure that there are no problems brewing in your Orlando drains, and to eliminate any small issues before they become a big headache.

It is inevitable that foreign objects are going to wind up in your drains. Food waste winds up going down the sink drain, hair gets pulled down the shower drain, and grease builds up in your drainpipes over time. All of these foreign bodies are what lead to blockages, not to mention countless other types of debris from storms and other causes. By the time you’re aware of a blockage it is already past the ideal time to deal with one. Don’t wait until your drains are backing up and you can’t properly dispose of wastewater. Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today and have your drains professionally cleaned.

The best part of professional drain cleaning is how easy it makes the process. Don’t dump unnecessary chemical cleaners down your drains only to have them sitting in your clogged pipes. When you call for professional drain cleaning service you get the benefits of such technology as video pipe inspection. This is the most effective and unobtrusive way to pinpoint the specific location of a clog or blockage in your home’s drains. A camera connected to a flexible rod is fed into your drain’s opening and sends back images from within the pipe. There is absolutely no guesswork involved, and no unpleasant surprises upon opening up your drains. The problem can be accurately diagnosed and resolved with no unnecessary work or fees.

For serious, deep cleaning of your pipes, professional cleaning services like those offered by Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. are the way to go. Don’t degrade the integrity of your drain lines with harsh chemical cleaners. Let the professionals inspect your Orlando drains, locate the specific problems, and solve them in a safe, non-intrusive way. Keep your home’s drains working properly and cleanly with regular drain cleaning service.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Fireworks | Winter Springs | Modern Plumbing IndustriesModern Plumbing Industries, Inc. would like to wish all of their customers and the residents of Central Florida a very happy Fourth of July. We will be celebrating and sponsoring the fireworks show at the 12th Annual Winter Springs Celebration of Freedom. Come join us for an evening full of fun. There will be a talent show, musical performances, kids activities, food, and a fireworks display.

The festivities run from 5pm to 9:30 pm at Central Winds Park on Wednesday, July 4th. Buses will be available to transport those who park at Trotwood Park and Venetian Plaza.

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Fourth of July Celebration of Freedom! Winter Springs, Florida

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

If you are planning to come to the Celebration of Freedom at Central Winds Park, check out this great map to help your family plan and enjoy the day.

Central Winds Park Map | Winter Springs | Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. is proud to support the Winter Springs community and celebrate the Fourth of July by sponsoring the fireworks show. For MPI for all of your Central Florida plumbing, water heater, drain and sewer needs.

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Plumbing Q/A: What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

When plumbing systems get backed up or totally clogged, there are a few options to clear them out. High pressure water jetting is an efficient, environmentally safe way to clear out your sewer and septic lines in Orlando. It is the best way to ensure that all of a clog or blockage is removed. Here is some information about high pressure water jetting from Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. Learn about what high pressure water jetting can do for your system.

The great part of high pressure water jetting is that in addition to doing an amazing job of clearing out pipes and drains, it does so using only water. There are no chemicals or fumes involved, making it totally safe for the environment. Generally the pressure used for plumbing purposes is in the 3,000-5,000 psi range, though the jetting machine is usually capable of twice that. Most jetting systems utilize a hose capable of cleaning 200 feet of consecutive piping.

The nozzle at the end of the jetter hose has a forward firing jet to break up the blockage as well as backward firing jets to push the debris back towards the entrance point. Using a snake to clear out a blockage is fairly effective but has many deficiencies when compared to water jetting. To begin with, the backward firing nozzles allow the water jet to scour the walls of the pipe, removing built up grease and mineral deposits that a snaking system can leave behind. Also, it is possible for a snake to force its way through a clog without actually removing it. By jetting as much as 18 gallons of water a minute at such high pressures through pipes, water jetting leaves nothing behind.

Because of its capabilities high pressure water jetting is usually used in exterior drains, sewer and septic lines. For industrial purposes, such as clearing out the drains in a high volume kitchen, there is no better alternative. When operated by an Orlando professional it is also safe to use on interior waste pipes. When working with pressures as high as those present with high pressure water jetting it is important that a professional is doing the job. It is all too easy to damage a pipe or your entire plumbing system by attempting a job like this on your own. Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. if you are experiencing trouble with your plumbing system. We’ll figure out the best course of action and, if high pressure water jetting is a good option, we will perform the service professionally and safely

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