12th Annual Winter Springs Celebration of Freedom!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The Annual Winter Springs Celebration of Freedom is just around the corner! Make plans for you and your family to enjoy this fun filled July 4th celebration. With a full schedule of events and great food, Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. is proud to one of the sponsors.Visit the City of Winter Springs site to find out more and download a map of the park.

Winter Spring Celebration | Winter Springs | Modern Plumbing Industries

Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. (MPI) is proud to support the community in their hometown of Winter Springs, Florida. We provide top quality plumbing, water heater, drain & sewer and commercial plumbing services. Our service area includes Winter Springs, Orlando, Orange and Seminole Counties. For all your residential and commercial plumbing needs call MPI today.

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AsktheSeal.com: Storm Chasers Blow into Florida in Wake of Tropical Storm Debby

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Consumer advocate, AsktheSeal.com, warns Florida residents to beware of contractors who will flood the area as the waters of Tropical Storm Debby recede.
Trusted Storm Clean Up | Orlando | Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. 
Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers reliable plumbing, drain and sewer, water treatment, and commercial plumbing services in the Orlando, Winter Springs, Orange and Seminole County areas. We have almost 40 years of experience serving Central Florida residents and their particular needs.



Opportunistic companies and workers will flock to Florida looking to clean up financially in the wake of Tropical Storm Debby. Many of these companies are unlicensed or uninsured and not familiar with local building codes. Some are opportunists who will take deposits and disappear. Others will hire unqualified day labor to do the work and these companies are nowhere to be found when problems with the work are discovered.

 “The risks of hiring an unlicensed, uninsured or out of town contractor to work on your property are significant and they are both financial as well as physical risks” according to AsktheSeal.com founder, Edward Marchiselli.
  • The work they do may not meet local codes which can result in a dangerous situation, more damage or expense, as well as make it difficult to sell your property at a later date.
  • If any problems occur after the job is complete, you may not be able to find that company who will be off chasing another storm somewhere else.
  • If more damage is done as a result of unlicensed work or someone is hurt during or as a result of the unlicensed work, many insurance companies could deny the claim leaving the property owner holding the bag.
  • Property owners in Florida can be fined up to $5,000 for hiring an unlicensed contractor.
  • Many of the storm chasers will hire day laborers and do not perform criminal background checks so you may be inviting dangerous criminals onto your property.
AsktheSeal.com suggests you stick to a local company who has a good track record and solid reputation in your area. If you do not know of any such contractors in your area, you can find quality companies for free on AsktheSeal.com. AsktheSeal.com verifies licenses, insurance and customer service record before awarding their Seal of Approval. They also perform annual criminal background checks on owners and employees and issue photo IDs confirming their background checks. Companies with the Seal of Approval can even email you a photo of the employees coming to your property. If you can’t find a company in your area on AsktheSeal.com, Marchiselli suggests you take the following steps:
  • Verify if a state license is needed and if your contractor has one at www.myfloridalicense.com .
  • Request a certificate of insurance be sent directly to you from the contractor’s insurance company.
  • Contact your local building department to see if any local licenses or permits are needed for your job and ensure that any necessary permits are pulled and completed.
  • Make sure you understand Florida’s lien laws so you don’t end up paying for the job twice. http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pro/cilb/documents/florida_lien_law.pdf .
  • Perform an internet search on the company name as well as the owner’s name. Try it again with the word “complaint” at the end of the name. Look past the first page of results.
  • Do not pay until the work is complete and permits are closed. Pay by credit card when possible.
  • Get everything in writing. If it’s important enough to promise in the sales pitch, it’s important enough to document in the contract.
  • Find out if the company performs criminal background checks on the employees they are sending to your property. Ask them to prove it. Will their employees be driving marked cars? Will they be wearing uniforms and photo IDs?
  • Put away any visible cash, jewelry, guns or pharmaceuticals. Make sure all windows and doors are locked after workers exit your home or business.
Taking these precautions will help ensure a quality job while helping to protect your financial interests as well as the safety of your family.

www.asktheseal.com  is a consumer advocacy company and website based in Tampa, Fl. The peace of mind that AsktheSeal.com provides is priceless and is therefore free to consumers. Consumers depend on AsktheSeal.com to learn how to select the best and safest company for the job and to find companies with the Seal of Approval. Reputable companies depend on AsktheSeal.com to distinguish them from corner-cutting competitors who pretend to offer the same safety and quality standards.

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Plumber’s Guide: Kitchen Plumbing Remodeling

Monday, June 25th, 2012

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any Orlando home. Having a kitchen where you feel comfortable, that is functional and that you can take pride in– these are all important aspects of home ownership. To help you remodel that kitchen to your liking, read some of these brief tips.

1.       Have a plan

Before you start, sketch your ideas on paper. This exercise will help you envision how you want the kitchen to look, as well as identify any challenges and obstacles that may be in your way. You might even come up with some good new ideas in the process, and scrap some that maybe wouldn’t have turned out so well.

2.       Stay within the design and layout

One of the costliest mistakes you can make in remodeling the kitchen is trying to do too much. Feel free to make changes – that’s the point, after all – but try to keep major fixtures in place as much as possible. Plumbing can be changed and re-routed and such, but it’s only really worth it if it provides some sort of significant upgrade in productivity or efficiency. Moving the dishwasher across the room just because it might look nicer isn’t really an efficient use of time and money.

3.       Make functionality a priority

Coinciding with #2, take this remodeling opportunity to make your kitchen as functional as possible. Does it make sense to have a small sink next to your island range? Can one be installed fairly easily? Then go ahead! If it makes your kitchen more functional and efficient, then it’s worth the cost.

4.       Stick to your budget

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, stay within your budget. Sketch out a budget during the planning phase (see tip #1), and bring those numbers up when consulting with your Orlando plumbing contractor. You may have to make some sacrifices in your dream design to make the numbers work, but it makes sense to keep everything affordable.

A kitchen plumbing remodeling project is a great opportunity to make your kitchen truly yours and create a space that will provide you everything you need. By making a plan, considering each aspect of the remodel to maximize productivity while minimizing cost, and sticking to your budget, you can have the kitchen you have always wanted without stressing over it. If you have any questions, please call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today!

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The Annual Winter Springs Celebration of Freedom

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Celebration of Freedom | Winter Springs | Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.This July 4th is the 2012 annual Winter Springs Celebration of Freedom. Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. will be one of the sponsors for the fireworks show, and we encourage everyone in the area to come out and enjoy this day of family fun. The celebration will be held from 5pm to 9:30pm at Central Winds Park on State Road 434 in Winter Springs. The event will be hosted by Arnie Nussbaum, with musical performers Ennis Pruitt and the Breakers along with surprise guests. There will be a local talent competition, a kids area with games and of course a spectacular fireworks presentation choreographed to music.

Modern Plumbing Industries Inc. (MPI) is proud to support the community in their hometown of Winter Springs, Florida. We provide top quality plumbing, water heater, drain & sewer and commercial plumbing services. Our service area includes Winter Springs, Orlando, Orange and Seminole Counties. For all your residential and commercial plumbing needs call MPI today.


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Plumbing Tip: When You Should Consider Installing Larger Piping

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Water pressure and flow problems can have many sources. Sediment could have built up in your hot water heater, there may be a clogged pipe or supply line somewhere, or a pipe may be leaking and causing poor flow. Any of these things will cause poor water flow or low water pressure.

Another possible cause is piping that is simply too small. This may be the result of poor construction habits, or maybe adding on an addition or some extra plumbing fixtures that now put too much strain on the existing piping. At any rate, this situation can only be solved by installing some larger piping.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a wholesale replacement of your Orlando plumbing system, swapping out each individual pipe for a larger one. Instead, you can often improve the flow rate of your whole plumbing system by replacing just a portion of the piping. For example, if you are experiencing trouble with hot water pressure, that can often be fixed just by upgrading the supply line to the water heater with larger piping. Even if the line through which hot water flows from the tank remains the same, replacing the supply piping with material that is even 1/4” larger in diameter can provide a much better flow rate.

This solution does not always work, but can be counted on to pretty reliably boost performance.

Keep in mind, however, that that fix applies only to systems that use traditional tank water heaters. In a tankless system, installing larger piping may actually do more harm than good, so a different solution may be necessary.

Installing larger piping is an especially good idea in situations where the existing pipes have become clogged with sediment deposits, rust or other build-up. The existing pipes may be in need of replacement already because of this condition, and using a larger diameter pipe will not only improve performance right away, but also delay and prevent such clogging from occurring again.

To know for sure whether installing larger piping will fix your water flow and/or pressure problem, contact an Orlando plumbing professional like Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. to take a look at the situation.

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Plumbing Question: What Are Individual Shut Off Valves and Why Do You Need Them?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

If you have ever done a small repair or replacement job on a plumbing fixture in your Orlando home – say, changing a spent washer or putting a new tap in the kitchen sink – you know that shutting off the water supply can be a bother. It usually requires shutting off the valve at the main water supply, leaving the whole house without water until the job is done.

In addition to the main water shut off valve connected to the water supply line, many newer houses also have individual shut off valves throughout the plumbing system. These valves are attached to the hot and cold water lines of each fixture – sink, tub, shower, washing machine – so that you can turn off the supply to just one or a few at a time, leaving the water supply everywhere else intact. That leaves you free to finish up that repair job without disrupting the rest of the family’s routine, even if you have to run to the hardware store for a part right in the middle of everything.

It’s also good in situations where you need to shut off the water until a repair can be done, like if you have a running toilet.

It’s easy to see if you have individual shut off valves in your home. Just look under the sinks at the supply lines. If you see a little valve attached to each of the two lines – one for cold water, one for hot – those are the individual shut offs. If you don’t have them, it’s probably because your home is a little older, built before these newer valves became standard equipment, or maybe the builder just opted not to include them.

If you do live in a home without individual shut off valves, you can still have them installed pretty quickly and easily. The benefits of being able to do simple repairs without losing water to the whole house make it a worthwhile bit of work to have done, especially if you are doing some remodeling anyway. If you need any more information about plumbing installation or repair, give your local Orlando plumber Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. a call today!

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Thinking About Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Bathroom Remodel | Orlando | Modern Plumbing IndustriesThinking about remodeling your bathroom? Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

We offer top quality remodeling services that you can trust. Looking to plan your dream bathroom? Call Modern Plumbing Industries for advice and planning tips. Check out the Kohler site for great ideas on design trends for your bathroom. Kohler offers suggestions for floor plans, tips, trends, and beautiful image galleries.

If you are planning a remodel we highly recommend exploring the option of high efficiency fixtures, such as low flow faucets. You may also want to upgrade your water heater. Modern Plumbing Industries has a team of skilled technicians and educated staff to help you make the best decisions while planning your bathroom remodel in Orlando and the surrounding area.

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Plumber’s Tip: Common Types of Building Supply & Drain Piping Materials

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the various pipes in your Orlando home and other buildings are made of? How come some Orlando plumbing systems use different materials than others? What are the differences between common types of pipe materials? This brief guide covers all those questions.


The newest piping material is plastic. Usually made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plastic piping has been in use in some form or another for about 50 years. Although many purists tend to shy away from plastic piping, it is popular as a material for both water supply and drain piping because it is cheaper and easier to cut than copper, and doesn’t present the corrosion problems of other metal piping materials.

Sometimes, plastic piping can crack or break because it was installed improperly, especially when done by an installer who is not used to working with ABS or PVC materials. These pipes have to be installed differently than copper would be, so it is important to use a contractor with expertise.


Despite the relatively recent popularity of PVC and ABS, copper has been and remains the industry standard for most piping jobs, especially building water supply lines. Copper has advantages over other metals in that it is softer and easier to manipulate, doesn’t corrode easily and isn’t toxic to humans and animals.

There are three kinds of copper piping used in plumbing, which are assigned letter types depending on the thickness of the pipe walls. Type M is the thinnest and is used for above ground plumbing, while Type L and Type K copper piping have thicker walls. Occasionally, flexible copper tubing is used for plumbing, but because of the high cost, use is usually limited to spaces where the extra flexibility is essential.


Galvanized steel piping is not commonly used for drain piping or building water supplies any more, with both copper and plastics being far more common choices for new construction. The zinc coating on galvanized pipes stalls rust, but doesn’t prevent it completely, which can shorten the life of the pipe and cause flaking on the interior pipe walls.

Cast Iron

Although not often used in new construction, cast iron can still be found in a lot of buildings because it has been used as a plumbing material for more than a hundred years.


Lead has been found to be toxic to water supplies and should never be used in new construction. Nearly all buildings with lead piping have had the water supply and drain piping replaced with newer, safer materials.

If you are interested replacing the pipes in your home, call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today!

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Emergency Pumbing Services in the Orlando Area

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Plumbing Emergency | Orlando | Modern Plumbing IndustriesModern Plumbing Industries, Inc. provides 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week to help you during any plumbing emergency. The first thing you need to do during a plumbing emergency is to turn off the flow of water. You can minimize any potential damage by shutting off the main water valve or the valve for that specific fixture. The second step is to call a trusted plumbing professional, such as Modern Plumbing Industries. We can help with all of your plumbing emergencies such as leaks, clogged drains, clogged toilets, or system malfunction. Whether your emergency happens during business hours, in the middle of the nights or over a holiday, rest assured that our technicians will answer your call within 15 minutes. If you are looking for emergency plumbing service in Orlando, Winter Springs, Oviedo, Orange or Seminole County then Modern Plumbing Industries is just a phone call away. Call our emergency line any time of day and a skilled technician will reply to your message in a timely manner to get the job done as quickly as possible.

“Great job today! A million thanks!! I guess I won’t have an indoor swimming pool after all. Your team of experts did an amazing job once again as par for the course.”


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