Plumbing Repair FAQ: Pitting Corrosion

April 18th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Leaks in pipes are one of the worst problems you can encounter in your plumbing. One of the unfortunate facts about leaking pipes is that they are often hard to detect until serious damage from the escaping water begins to affect construction material and water bills. A particularly elusive but damaging source of plumbing leaks is pitting corrosion, which we will look at in more detail in this post.

Whatever causes the leaks in your home, call for professional plumbing repair in Orlando, FL as soon as you suspect there’s a problem. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) can deliver the skilled repairs necessary to protect your plumbing and your home from all types of leaks.

What is pitting corrosion and why is it such a problem?

After World War II, copper piping began to replace the older galvanized steel pipes because of the latter’s tendency to corrode over time. Copper is corrosion-resistant and has a longer lifespan. However, copper is not corrosion-proof—pitting corrosion can still affect it.

Scientists do not yet fully understand the source of pitting corrosion, although some chemists hypothesize that it may come from the presence of chlorides, thiosulfates, fluorides, and iodides. Stagnant water appears to encourage it. Whatever the source, pitting corrosion results in localized, small areas of corrosion across metal—including copper-based alloys—that often resemble gray or discolored patches.

Although small, pitting corrosion seriously weakens metal. The action creates tiny pits across the metal, usually only visible through magnification. However, these holes are enough to cause the water in plumbing to begin leaking. Because of their diminutive size, these leaks are referred to as pinhole leaks.

Pitting corrosion is insidious: it will spread across plumbing, creating numerous pinhole leaks. This small amount of water steadily leaving the pipes is still extremely damaging, eating into drywall, warping wood, and encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. You must treat pinhole leaks as seriously as any other leak that can appear in your plumbing.


Watch for slight bulges beneath wallpaper, discolored spots on walls, poorly-fitting floorboards, and an increase in humidity in your house as possible warning signs of pitting corrosion creating leaks. Observe your water bills closely as well, since pinhole leaks can drain a significant amount of water over time. If you have any suspicion of plumbing leaks, call for professional plumbers to locate the areas of pitting corrosion and replace the pipes.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) has tackled leaks of all sizes since 1975. For your plumbing repair in Orlando, FL make sure you contact us first.

What to Do When You Experience a Breach in Your Plumbing

April 7th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

A break in your home’s plumbing can quickly turn into a serious problem. You can have pipe breaches inside your home, or along the water main, or in the sewer line. Regardless of where it occurs, it’s a major repair issue that needs to be fixed immediately with work from professional plumbers.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) has 24-hour emergency service for your needs for plumbing repair in Orlando, FL. And believe us: a plumbing breach counts as an emergency. Don’t hesitate to call us when you experience a major pipe break in your home.

What you should do about a plumbing breach

Although a break along the pipes in your home’s plumbing can appear frightening, do not panic yet: there’s help available and you can take a few steps yourself to reduce the damage.

If the breach occurs in the water lines that are bringing fresh water into your home, you need to shut off the water mains to prevent the gushing water from continuing to pump through the pipes. Make sure you know where your home’s water main shut off valve is as a precaution. For houses in a warm climate like that in Orlando where pipes are not in danger of freezing, this shut off valve is usually located outside the house. If you aren’t sure of the location of the shut off valve, contact a plumber to assist you with locating it so you’re ready in case of an emergency. If you are experiencing a large volume of water flooding into your home, you should also switch off the electricity to prevent high voltage shocks.

Now call for emergency repairs; don’t try to fix the problem yourself, as you could end up making it worse. While you wait for repairs to arrive, move away any valuables that might receive water damage from the breached pipe.

For breaches in sewer lines, you might not immediately notice the trouble the same way you would with a water main break or a break inside your house. Sewer line trouble will appear as soggy, foul-smelling leaks on the lawn, odors from the drains, and constant drain clogging. Eventually, sewage will start flooding into your basement or home foundations, but hopefully you will have already called for professionals to excavate and repair the problem. Sewer breaks are major jobs that require extensive digging work, so make sure you have experts on the job immediately.

Rely on skilled plumbers

As frightening as a plumbing breach can be, moving fast to shut off the water and summon plumbing professionals should prevent extensive harm to your home. Resist the urge to fix the break yourself and instead call for Orlando, FL plumbing repair service from the trained technicians at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We’re here to help, any time of the day or night.

Are Sewer Smells a Reason to Call for Pumbing Repair?

April 3rd, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

This isn’t something you want to occur in your house: the lingering smell of a sewer drifting through the air, like an odor coming back up a drain (which, in all likelihood, is exactly what it is). People who encounter this problem will wonder how serious the issue is, and if it means they should contact a trained plumber to repair the problem.

Most of the time, the infiltration of sewage smells into your home does require bringing in a plumber. There’s one significant exception, which we’ll also look at, but the majority of the time sewer smell seepage can mean tough problems that need experienced workers to solve.

Serving central Florida since 1975, Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) can take care of your troubles with your plumbing in Apopka, FL fast and right. You can reach us 24-hours a day when you require emergency service.

Some Reasons For Sewer Smells

We’ll start with the simple one: dried-out p-traps. The p-trap is the U-shaped curve in a drainpipe beneath the sink, which traps a water barrier that prevents sewage gas from coming back up the drains. For sinks that see little use, the p-trap can turn dry, and then nothing will stop the smell from getting out of the drain. Run water for a minute down the drain that’s causing the problem and see if that fixes it.

More serious reasons for sewer odors that will require a plumber include blocked vents and damage to the sewer line.

The first issue occurs when the backflow vents on the plumbing become clogged, usually at the roof where the exhaust from the drainpipe exits. When this happens, because of debris, animal nests, or something else, it forces the sewer gas back down the pipe and then bubbles up through the water plug into the p-trap. (With no other exits, enough pressure exists to force the sewage gas through the water.) If you hear a gurgling noise from your drains along with the smell, vents may be the problem. Do not go to the roof to try to fix this; call for professionals.

Sewer line breaks and blocks are urgent business. If the sewer line pipe that removes all the wastewater from a home to the sewer main in the center of the street becomes blocked because the pipe broke or tree roots grew into it, it will back up sewage into drains and possibly the basement. The sewer line is buried underground, so the work of repairing it requires a team of specialists. Call right away for help if you suspect a sewer line break.

Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) for whatever work you need on your plumbing in Apoka, FL to stop that  sewer odor.

Replace Your Plumbing During Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

March 27th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent way to add an upgrade to your home. With improved lighting, fixtures, and décor, you can make the bathroom a much more pleasant and welcoming place.

A bathroom remodel is about more than cosmetic appearances. It involves work with plumbing fixtures that requires expert work from professionals. When you want expert quality bathroom remodeling in Orlando, FL, call up Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We offer a range of complete remodeling services, from adding new showers, tubs, toilets, and faucets to doing full plumbing replacements.

You may wonder exactly why you would want to include plumbing replacement on your “to do” list for a bathroom remodel. That list is already long enough. But you should give serious consideration to having plumbing replacement as part of bathroom remodeling, as we’ll explain.

Reasons to have plumbing replacement during a remodel

  • It’s much easier to do: During a bathroom remodeling job, the pipes will be exposed in order for new fixtures and cabinets to go in. This makes the remodel an ideal time to replace the pipes, since it takes care of the most arduous step involved in re-piping: reaching the pipes in the first place.
  • It makes remodeling more flexible: If you decide on a complete replacement of the pipes during a remodeling, it gives the designer much more space to work. Now the pipes can be redone in order to fit with designs, which frees up the remodeler to make bigger and more substantial changes. You can get a better remodel with pipe replacement as part of it.
  • Your plumbing is old: This won’t apply to every remodel, but chances are high that if you want to remodel your bathroom, you have an older home—and that can mean out-of-date plumbing. If you have old galvanized steel pipes, which are prone to corrosion, you should definitely have them replaced. However, you can also change copper pipes for more flexible CPVC and PEX pipes.

With these upgrades, you can expect fewer clogs and leaks in the future, making your bathroom remodel one that will keep your happy for many years.

Call our Orlando, FL bathroom remodeling specialists at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) to talk about what we can do to create the ideal remodel for you. We also handle kitchen remodeling.

3 Common Toilet Problems

March 19th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

For obvious reasons, your toilet is one of the most important parts of your home’s plumbing. When it encounters problems, you can’t simply do without it until you can schedule repairs. Luckily, many plumbers in Orlando offer 24-hour service, ensuring that you don’t have to wait for a repair long. Here are 3 common toilet problems:

  • Clogs. Toilet clogs are very common, and sometimes take more than just a plunger to properly address. In addition to waste product, toilet clogs can be caused by object inadvertently flushed down the toilet (such as children’s toy) as well as larger issues with your drain lines, like tree root infiltration. A plumber can usually find the source of the clog and remove it without too much difficulty.
  • Water leaks. Leaking water around the base of the toilet is never a good sign, though it can come from many sources. The worst is a hairline fracture in the toilet bowl itself, which usually means that the whole toilet must be replaced. Most of the time, however, the leak is caused by a smaller component, such as the drain pipe flange or the seal around the base of the tank. These can usually be replaced fairly quickly by a trained technician.
  • Running toilet. A running toilet wastes water, and can usually be traced to a faulty component somewhere in the tank. Your flapper could be damaged or unable to close properly, or the valve and float might not be functioning as it should.

For these and other common toilet problems, you can depend on the very best. Plumbing repair in Orlando is covered by the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. We know how to deal with plumbing problems of all varieties and we offer 24-hour emergency service so you won’t have to wait. Give us a call today and let us get to work!

2014 Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. World Plumbing Day Poster Contest Winners!!!

March 11th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Thank you to all the schools and students that participated.  We have selected the winning poster’s from this year’s contest.   He are the winning designs and those that were honorable mention!  All of the student’s did a wonderful job and we can’t thank them enough for helping us to celebrate World Plumbing Day 2014!!  Have a look at the creativity of the students…

World Plumbing Day - 1st Prize (iPad and $500)

World Plumbing Day – 1st Prize (iPad and $500)

World Plumbing Day - 2nd Prize ($500)

World Plumbing Day – 2nd Prize ($500)

World Plumbing Day - 3rd Prize (Orlando Magic Tickets)

World Plumbing Day – 3rd Prize (Orlando Magic Tickets)

We also had some great entries worth honorable mention…


Join Modern Plumbing Industries as we celebrate World Plumbing Day Today, March 11th!

March 11th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Have you ever taken a moment to think about where your drinking water comes from, how your washing machine gets those clothes smelling fresh, or even where your late goldfish went after you gave it a proper toilet bowl burial? Every day we use multiple parts of the plumbing systems that help us stay hydrated, stay clean and a multitude of other things we tend to take for granted. Join Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in celebrating World Plumbing Day!

Every March 11th we take a moment to appreciate the advancements in technology that have afforded us the sanitation and water needs of a modern society. It’s important to us that we take a moment to appreciate the foundation on which our business is built, and one of the great pillars of society. Next time you go fill your water bottle, use the lavatory or anything requiring a plumbing system, take a moment to appreciate the work and technology that goes into maintaining such an important system.

For more information, visit our friends at or call us should one of your systems need a little TLC from your friends at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. serving the greater Orlando Florida area!

Will the Local Utility Company Handle My Sewer Repair?

March 10th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

One of the crucial parts of your home’s waste removal system is the sewer line. This pipe collects all the wastewater from your drains and carries it out under your property and to the municipal sewer main in the center of the street. It’s not a component of your plumbing that you need to think about much… until it becomes blocked or suffers leaks and breaks.

But wait… isn’t this a utility company issue, like fixing downed power and phone lines? You’ve probably seen city workers doing repairs on underground sewer and water mains, so why should this be any different?

The simple answer: No, the local utility company is not responsible for repairs to your sewer line. When you have problems with your sewer line, you need to handle it with a call to professional plumbers. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. can take care of any repairs you need for your sewer in Orlando, FL.

The facts about the utility company and your sewer line

Utility companies must maintain and repair the local sewer system for a community. However, the public section of the sewage system does not include the sewer line on your property; from where the line originates under your home until it enters the sewer main, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to care for any repairs it may require.

There are some differences in where the responsibility of the homeowner ends and that of the utility company begins depending on where you live. If you have any doubts, contact the local utility company to ask. The utility company has maps that indicate the areas of the sewage system that are public and under its jurisdiction. In some cases, the utility company will take into account extremely old pipes made from outdated material when determining whether a sewer line is public or private property. However, unless you find out specifically to the contrary, the section of your sewer line from your house to the public line is private property and the responsibility for repairs lies with you.

It’s your responsibility—so hire quality plumbing repairs

Sewer line repair is not something you can handle on your own: it requires extensive excavating and a large amount of time and labor. Contact an experienced plumbing service like Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for your Orlando, FL sewer repair needs. We have served central Florida with high quality plumbing repair since 1975.

Signs of Trouble with Your Water Line

March 3rd, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

The most important part of the plumbing in your home is one you almost never see: the water line beneath your home that channels in fresh water from the municipal supply. This is where all your home’s running water originates. Without this water supply, you would have no water to drink, bathe or shower in, clean or cook with. When you turn a tap in your home, you expect water to come out of it.

Water lines can sustain damage or develops clogs like any other part of your plumbing, and you’ll need expert plumbers to fix the line to restore your water supply should this happen. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. can send plumbers familiar with local building codes and underground utility lines to your home to supply the experienced repairs necessary. For any Winter Park, FL plumbing repairs you need, we can help.

Signs of water line trouble:

  • Water pressure drop: If the line isn’t fully broken or blocked, but instead has sprung a leak, one of the early warning signs will be a drop in the water pressure from your faucets.
  • Yard or pavement flooding: Depending on where your water line lies, a break will cause flooding either in your lawn or through the sidewalk pavement in front of your house. Even if the flooding is small, like unexpected pools of water, you should call for a plumber to investigate. Be especially aware of this occurring after a major storm, since pipes in Central Florida have been known to break because of lightning strikes.
  • High water bills: If you notice an unexpected spike in your water bills that you can’t account for, than it’s possible that a water line leak is behind it. (It could also come from leaks in other places in your house, but you’ll need professionals to find out the source.)
  • Water stops entirely: If your water abruptly ceases to come from any faucet, and you haven’t received any warning from the water company about a temporary shut off, then the problem is almost certainly with the water line and you’ll need service before other problems like flooding start.

Have professionals service the water line—and anything else

You should never try “do-it-yourself” projects with your home’s plumbing, especially a part that connects to the municipal water supply. The danger of causing further flooding is too high. Call professionals to help with your plumbing in Winter Park, FL.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has 24-hour emergency service to aid you when you need plumbing help, whether it’s to fix a water line break or repair pinhole leaks under the sink.

Signs That Repairs Are No Longer Enough for Your Water Heater

February 24th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Your water heater is an important part of your daily life, even though it works mostly out of your sight. Without a steady supply of hot water, keeping yourself and your home clean would be difficult.

Water heaters are durable devices that can last for many years if they receive the proper level of maintenance and repairs done when necessary. But water heaters have a limited life cycle, and eventually a time will come when further repairs will do little good to restore its heating efficiency. At this point, you should schedule a replacement.

We’ll look at the some of the signs that water heater repair in Orlando, FL will no longer solve the problems and that it’s time for new installation. Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for high quality installation and a range of choices of advanced modern water heaters.

Signs a water heater needs replacement

  • Leaks around the base of the tank: Leaks may occasionally occur on a functioning water heater, but if you have a unit that is over 10 years old, extensive leaks that pool around the base of the tank usually indicate that the whole system must be replaced.
  • Erratic operation: Is your hot water supply frequently vanishing without explanation? Do you experience long periods when it won’t come on at all? If you answer “yes” to either question, consider how often you’ve needed to call for repairs to deal with these issues. More than once a year is too many times. Ask your repair technician about replacement options.
  • Rust: Water heaters have anode rods installed in them to prevent rust from entering their tanks. The rods will need regular replacement as they rust through. If you have kept up with regular maintenance and replaced the anode rod when necessary, the appearance of rust on the tank or in your hot water means the system has become too old to avoid corrosion. Schedule water heater replacement.

Look to professional replacement

Whether you have a gas-powered or electric-powered water heater in your home, you will need professionals to put in the replacement unit so it functions correctly and safely. Schedule the installation sooner rather than later when you realize your old unit is failing—you don’t want to be suddenly stuck without hot water.

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., we install standard water heaters, high-efficiency storage water heaters, and newer options such as tankless models, solar powered-heaters, and hybrid heaters. Talk to us today about your options when water heater repair in Orlando, FL is no longer enough to protect your hot water supply.