The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

July 21st, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

When you first hear about the existence of a “tankless” water heater, the idea may sound a bit too strange to be true. Because we are so accustomed to thinking of a water heater as a large metal tank where water is kept hot for immediate use, it is difficult to break away to the idea of heating up the water as it runs through the pipes, which is essentially what a tankless water heater does. The device is attached to the water main, and uses a heat exchanger to warm up the water as it passes through.

If it sounds intriguing, you should know that a tankless water heater is far more than a neat gimmick. It can serve some useful purposes that will make life more convenient and save you money. Although not ideal for every home, we encourage you to look into a tankless water heater in Sanford, FL for your next installation. Call our water heater experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) for more details.

Why Go Tankless? Here Are 3 Reasons:

  • Never run out of hot water: That’s right… if you live in a household where somebody has to go with a lukewarm shower every morning, a tankless water heater is a great solution. Tankless systems heat up water “on demand,” activating the heat exchanger when a tap comes on demanding hot water. Because there is no standing supply in a tank that can be depleted before the system can heat up more, you won’t run out of hot water!
  • Save energy: The standard storage water heater is a “standby” system that keeps water ready constantly for use. This is an advantage when you want hot water without having to wait, but it also means that the water heater must remain on continually to replace heat loss and keep the water hot. This translates into large expenditures on utility bills. But tankless systems only heat up water when you need it, and they do not use energy at other times. You will cut down significantly on your heating bills with the installation of a tankless system.
  • Longevity: The stress of holding large amounts of water and continually using electricity or natural gas to keep that water heated eventually will take its toll on a storage water heater. Tankless systems in general will last many years longer because of the reduced amount of stress placed on them.

Tankless systems are more expensive to install upfront than storage systems. However, they compensate with their energy-efficiency and longevity. Check with a water heater installation expert to find out of the energy savings will offset the costs of purchasing the system. In some cases, a storage water heater is a better choice, but you may be surprised to learn how much you can save in the long run with installation of a tankless system.

Since 1975, Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) has installed and serviced water heaters in Central Florida. Count on us to help you with installation and care for a tankless water heater in Sanford, FL. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

Tools Plumbers Use for Drain Cleaning

July 15th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Drain cleaning is a service you can have done on a regular basis to help keep your home’s plumbing efficient and to reduce the problems that can afflict it. You can also have emergency drain cleaning to clear out thick and obstinate clogs that a basic sink plunger cannot eliminate. Professional plumbers experienced with drain cleaning in Winter Park, FL use a variety of special tools to make sure you have clean drains without causing any damage to them.

To schedule drain cleaning, whether for an emergency or as a preventive measure, contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We will bring the best tools to the job, placed in the hands of plumbers with the necessary training to do thorough work that will leave you satisfied.

Some of the tools professionals use for drain cleaning

  • Video pipe inspection equipment: These devices consist of a miniaturized camera and powerful LED light mounted on a long fiber-optic cable. The cable snakes down through a drain opening or other access point and sends back a feed to a monitor. This allows a plumber to see the inside of the drainpipes and pinpoint exactly where cleaning is necessary and what kind of cleaning will do the job. Video pipe inspections are useful for a variety of plumbing tasks, and they save time and permit plumbers to perform drain cleaning without using invasive procedures.
  • Mechanical drain snakes: These are basic tools for eliminating most clogs. Drains snakes are a coil of wires that work similar to a corkscrew: the plumber feeds the wire coil down into a drainpipe until it comes into contact with the blockage. The plumber then activates the motor, which screws down into the clog. At this point, the plumber can then either remove the clog or forcibly break it up. Although you can purchase manual drain snakes from stores, they are nowhere near as effective at cleaning obstructions from pipes as the professional motorized models.
  • Hydro-jetters: A hydro-jetter is a cleaning system that uses high-pressure, high temperature water to blast away clogs in pipes and also scour the inside of the pipes to get rid of a build-up of soap scum and fat, grease, and oil. Because of the physical danger from high-pressure water blasts, the job of hydro-jetting must always be left to a trained professional.

A note of caution: do not use liquid drain cleaners. Despite their name, these bottles full of acidic chemicals are poor choices for cleaning drains. Their caustic action will damage pipe interiors, and the chemicals are highly toxic and will leave behind dangerous fumes. No plumber recommends using liquid drain cleaners: if you can’t get rid of a clog or a slow drain using a plunger, call for a plumber.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) offers comprehensive plumbing services, including drain cleaning, in Winter Park, FL and the rest of Central Florida. We have almost 40 years of experience to bring to the job, and we have 24-hour emergency service.

3 Common Water Heater Repairs

July 10th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

A well-installed and maintained water heater can sometimes last up to 20 years, which is a great bargain on an initial investment. But to reach a grand old age like this, a water heater also needs to have repairs done as soon as problems start to emerge. With fast action and a trained technician who knows how to handle any water heater problem, you can stop a malfunction from growing and threatening your entire hot water supply.

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI), we have almost four decades of experience with water heater repair in Casselberry, FL and all of Central Florida. When you call us for repairs (and we have staff ready 24/7 for emergencies), you will get top-of-the-line work from technicians who keep on the edge of plumbing technology.

These are 3 of the more common repairs that we do to help water heaters reach their full lifespan:

1. Flushing the tank

This is a standard step that is done as part of annual maintenance. However, it is often a necessary repair. Sediment build-up in the water tank can lead to problems with blocked valves, and will also encourage the development of scale along the inside of the tank and lead to overheating. If you notice discoloration in your water, or you hear rumbling from the tank, call for repair professionals; they will see if flushing the tank will fix the problem.

2. Replacing broken dip tube

The dip tube carries fresh, cold water from the municipal system down into the tank of a water heater and deposits it at the bottom, near the heating elements/heat exchanger, where it receives energy to heat it and then rise to the top of the tank. If the dip tube breaks, cold water will start to gather at the top of the tank and mix with the heated water, resulting in a drop in the water temperature from your faucets and showerheads and causing you to run out of hot water earlier than usual. To fix this, technicians will open up the tank and replace the broken tube.

3. Replacing burnt-out heating elements

In an electric-powered water heater, two heating elements inside the tank directly transfer heat to the water. Like any electrical device, these elements can fail. If the temperature of your hot water turns lukewarm, it may be the fault of a broken heating element in the tank. Repair technicians can replace the burnt-out element with a new one.

Do not try to perform repairs on your own without proper training and tools—especially for gas-powered water heaters. Instead, call on the people who can perform the job fast and accurately: Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We are ready to help you with your water heater in Casselberry, FL when you need it. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

The Famous Painting of the Declaration of Independence Isn’t What You Think It Is

July 4th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

If you grew up in the United States, you probably first saw John Trumbull’s painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence in an elementary schoolbook. This oil-on-canvas 12’ x 18’ painting hangs in the rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. It is one of the most famous symbols of freedom in the country and almost every citizen can conjure it from memory.

Except… the painting isn’t of the singing of the Declaration of Independence. The actual title of the work is Declaration of Independence, and although it does portray an important moment in the history of the document that announced the Thirteen Colonies’ decision to break away from British rule, the event in the painting occurred on June 28, 1776, not July 4, 1776.

John Trumbull, a Connecticut native who fought in the Revolutionary War and whose father was the state governor, was commissioned to create the painting in 1817. He did painstaking research on the figures in the picture and also visited Independence Hall to see the actual chamber where the Second Continental Congress met. Trumbull only included 42 of the original 56 signers, because he could not find adequate likenesses for 14 or them, and added a few figures who were not present (most of whom declined to sign the actual document). In fact, the men depicted in the painting had never been present in the same room at one time.

So if the painting does not portray the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what is happening in the image? The Trumbull’s scene depicts the presentation of the draft of the declaration to the Continental Congress for editing and approval. The five-man drafting committee (John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin) is handing over their finished work, which congress would then edit carefully over the next few days before voting on it and signing it on the day that we now celebrate as the start of the United States of America.

One last, odd, fact: two of the five-man drafting committee, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4th—although many years later.

Our family at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. hopes that your Fourth of July (or Twenty-Eighth of June if you decided to start celebrating early) is a memorable and happy one.

Watch for These Warning Signs You Need Pipe Replacement

June 27th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

The plumbing system of a home is designed to handle a great deal of stress as it brings water into the house and removes waste from it. But no matter how hardy the pipes in a home are, sometimes they will wear down and sustain damage that will require professional plumbers replace them. In cases of older homes, a whole-house pipe replacement is often necessary.

Here are a few signs to watch for that can indicate you need pipe replacement in Orlando, FL, either whole-house or targeted. Call the professionals at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) right away to arrange the work. You can trust our experience: we’ve served central Florida since 1975.

Warnings You May Need Pipe Replacement

  • Water discoloration: Corrosion and rust are the last things you want to occur in your plumbing. These are rarely issues that affect modern plumbing systems made from copper and plastic pipes. But for older homes built pre-1970 that have galvanized steel pipes, it can be a major dilemma. When reddish discoloration starts to come from your faucets (and it isn’t immediately after a long absence from home), it’s a major warning sign that corrosion has taken hold in your plumbing and you need to replace all of the aging steel pipes.
  • Loss of water pressure: When water pressure coming from your faucets and shower heads starts to drop, it could mean there is a serious problem somewhere in your plumbing that will require extensive pipe replacement. It might even be an issue in the water main—a serious problem that needs immediate attention to replace the pipe.
  • Leaks: Leaking is one of the major warning signs of plumbing trouble, but they are often difficult to detect. When you notice damp spots on walls, warped floorboards, and a rise in water bills, you may have leaks. Although some leaks can be solved with sealing, in other cases you will need to have the pipe replaced. And when these leaks start to become constant, leading to huge spikes in your water bills, you should have complete pipe replacement.
  • Bitter-tasting water: A sudden change in the taste of your water toward a bitter, metallic taint could come from the municipal system—but it also might come from deterioration in the plumbing that will need pipe replacement to solve. (Whatever is causing it, you’ll need plumbers for the work.)

Pipe replacement is a large task, and it needs plumbers with the right experience and skill. Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) when you think you need pipe replacement or any other plumbing service for your home in Orlando, FL. We offer a full range of plumbing services that will take care of all your worries. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with us.

Noises That Indicate a Need for Water Heater Repair

June 20th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Even with the best maintenance done on a top-of-the-line model, no water heater can ever be 100% free from repair issues. At some point, you may need to call for technicians to investigate trouble with your water heater when you notice a drop in the temperature of the water, spot rusty discoloration coming from the taps, or find that you are running out of hot water sooner than you used to.

There are other warning indications that you need work done to protect your hot water supply, such as unusual noises emanating from the water heater. Here are a few of the common warning noises that water heaters will make that indicate it is time to call for repair technicians. For a prompt response and quality work on your water heater in Sanford, FL, make the call to Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We have handled the plumbing needs of Central Florida since 1975.

A Few of the Common Water Heater Warning Sounds

  • Rumbling: When the water heater tanks starts to rumble, a noise that people often associate with a tank that’s about to burst, it could mean a number of issues. It’s possible that there is a fault in the mixing valve, or a broken dip tube, which will allow cold and warm water to mix. It could also point to an increase in sediment along the bottom of the tank that has so significantly reduced volume in the tank that the water has started to overheat. Either situation is serious and needs trained technicians on the job right away.
  • Popping: This noise can come from excess water pressure, and you should immediately check the pressure on the tank. If adjusting the pressure doesn’t alleviate the popping sound, call for repair technicians immediately.
  • Hissing and whistling noises: There are some innocuous reasons for these sounds to occur…but enough bad reasons that you should definitely call for repairs, especially since one possibility for these noises is a dangerous increase in water pressure.
  • Running water that won’t stop: This is probably trouble with the pressure release valve; if this occurs in an older water heater, it is usually a sign that it is time for a replacement unit.

Our plumbers at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) can handle whatever issues you may have with your home’s water heater in Sanford, FL. We also offer water heater installation of a wide range of water heater options, including tankless, hybrid, and solar options. Make us your first choice for all your water heater and plumbing needs. Contact us today to schedule your next water heater service.

Stages of Pipe Replacement in Winter Park

June 13th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Replacing worn and damaged piping in a home is a task that professional plumbers do often. Even newer homes sometimes will need to have faulty pipes replaced. Whether you need a few parts of your plumbing updated, or if you live in an older home that needs a full replacement of old galvanized steel pipes, make sure that you neither attempt the work yourself nor entrust it to amateurs. Call on experts like the team at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) for pipe replacement in Winter Park, FL.

Although replacing pipes often involves excavating through building material in walls and floors, with top plumbers on the job, you can expect the work to move fast and leave few signs that the replacement experts were even there.

The Stages of Pipe Replacement From Professionals

  • Water shut-off: The plumbers will need to shut off a home’s water in order to work; they will arrange it so this shut-off period lasts for as short a time as possible. For extensive pipe replacement jobs (a whole-house repiping can take 3–5 days), they will do the job so that the water can be restored at the end of each work day so you will not have to go without water for an extended period.
  • Locating the pipes: The plumbers find the pipes they will be replacing, using sound equipment to pinpoint the location through wood or drywall.
  • Excavation: Now the plumbers make small cuts into the building material framing the pipe section that they will remove. The excavation here is performed careful and done with an eye toward replacing the material later with as little indication that any work was done. For pipes in the floors, the plumbers will—if at all possible—go through the ceiling to reach the pipes from below and leave the flooring undisturbed.
  • Replace the pipes: The plumbers will already have decided what type of material they will use as a substitute for the older pipe: copper, PEX, CPVC. They will detach the old pipe and put in the replacement.
  • Restoration and resurfacing: The plumbers put back any removed building material to hide the pipe, then take care of patching and re-texturing, making every effort to satisfy you with the final result.

Don’t Hesitate About Necessary Repiping

We hope the description above reassures you that professional repiping isn’t a disruptive or damaging job. If you are dealing with serious leaking issues, loss of water pressure, high water bills, and other plumbing ailments on a regular basis, you should give repiping serious consideration.

Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) and schedule an appointment for professional pipe replacement or other plumbing services in Winter Park, FL. With our nearly 40 years of experience, you can trust us to perform the job fast and with as little interruption to your life as possible.

3 Ways to Detect a Plumbing Leak

June 6th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

Pipe leaks in a home are rarely out in the open. Instead, they start to build hidden behind walls and ceilings, or in rooms you rarely enter. You may pick up the signs of leaks when you see a spike in your water bills, notice wet spots on the walls, see mildew growth, or notice a rise in humidity. But you have little chance of locating exactly where you need to do repair work.

That’s why you need professional plumbing service in Altamonte Springs, FL to take care of leak detection. With a skilled plumber with the right tools, you will have the minimum amount of damage done to your home to reach the leaky pipes.

Here are 3 ways that our team at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) handles the detection of hidden leaks so we can quickly repair them.

3 Leak Detection Methods

  • Visual inspection: Experienced plumbers have an eye for the many signs of leaks that untrained observers will never pick up. Plumbers will look for tiny warping signs, spots of discoloration, misaligned floorboards, and bulges in wallpaper. Finding dripping water may seem like an easy sign for anyone to discover, but it takes a trained plumber to deduce exactly where the leak is located behind construction material.
  • Sound sensors: Listening devices are one of the key tools that plumbers use when they search for leaks, especially slab leaks that are located under concrete layers. The sensitive listening devices can hear the drip and escape of water through all kinds of surfaces, and this will give a plumber a solid idea of where to narrow the search and repair efforts.
  • Infrared thermography: This high-tech method of detecting leaks uses an infrared imaging camera that the technician scans over the area of the suspected leak. The imagery that shows up on the monitor will point to small temperature differences that show where a pipe interior is exposed to outdoor air. Interpreting the results is a task that requires special training: the camera imaging isn’t enough to locate the leaks. A trained plumber will almost always find the leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Unless you can see the leaking pipe right in front of you, you will need a plumber versed in leak detection and armed with the right tools to handle this job. You don’t want to risk having unnecessary damage done to your home in a misguided and inaccurate attempt to find a single leak. Instead, call for plumbing service in Altamonte Springs, FL by the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) today: we have 24-hour emergency service for your peace of mind, and we can handle whatever repairs your pipes need. Contact us today to schedule your next service.

3 Common Repairs for Toilets

May 30th, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

The toilets in your home are functional and essential items for everyday living. Thankfully, modern designs make them durable and rarely prone to repair needs. But no appliance is 100% repair-free, and aside from standard clogs, your toilet may experience a number of problems that will call for a trained and licensed plumber to remedy them. Here are three of the more common repairs that a toilet might need and which a quality plumber can handle for you.

Chances are that when you need repairs for your toilet, you will need them fast! Make the call to Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI), where we have 24-hour emergency services for plumbing repair in Orlando, FL. We’ve kept Central Florida’s plumbing working its best since 1975.

3 repairs for toilets that plumbers often handle

  1. Replacing the flapper in the tank: If a toilet starts to run continually, cycling water through the tank and the bowl without stop, it will waste an enormous amount of water and must to be repaired right away. The likely trouble is a deteriorating flapper inside the tank; the flapper is designed to seal the bottom of the tank after filling the bowl, but if the rubber decays, nothing will stop the water from running into the bowl continuously. A plumber can replace the worn flap.
  2. Resealing the toilet to the floor: Any sign of leaking from the bowl, especially around the base of the toilet, is reason to call for repairs immediately. (Not only is the toilet in trouble, the leaking can seriously damage your floor). One possible reason for this leaking is the loss of the wax sealing ring under the toilet where it is secured to the bathroom floor. A plumber will need to loosen and pry the toilet from the floor and replace this important wax ring, then re-attach and re-seal the toilet to the floor and make certain there are no more leaks.
  3. Replacing tank-to-bowl bolts and gaskets: One common reason for leaking between the bowl and the tank are loose or decaying gaskets. To fix this problem, the plumber must first remove the toilet tank from the bowl and replace the washers and sponge gaskets necessary to create the appropriate seal between the two sections. When the two sections are restored, you should no longer have problems from leaking.

Beware self-repairs!

People often try to fiddle around with parts in the tank of a toilet with little idea what they are doing. Please avoid DIY repair attempts like this! There is a chance of creating a worse leak and a larger repair. Trust to the work of professional plumbers to handle any repair trouble that comes your way.

You won’t have to wait long for repairs when you go with Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). Our excellent staff is ready any time of the day or night to bring you the necessary plumbing service in Orlando, FL that can fix any issue in your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere in your home. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

3 Common Types of Water Heater Repair

May 23rd, 2014 by Anthony Bracco

People often take their home’s hot water supply for granted…until something goes wrong with it. As durable as manufacturers make water heaters today, the appliances can still suffer from wear and tear and malfunctions that will eventually lead to repair needs. You can help prevent repairs with regular maintenance, but you may still need to call for technicians to assist you with the work that will restore your water heater.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) specializes in water heater repair in Sanford, FL. Whenever you find that you are running low on hot water or the water no longer seems as hot as it should be, call our staff right away. We have 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

Here are some of the common water heater repair jobs that we perform:

1. Fixing broken dip tubes

The dip tube carries cold, fresh water from the municipal supply down through the tank of the water heater and to the bottom where the heat exchanger transfers energy from the combustion jets. As the water warms, it rises back to the top of the tank. If the dip tube breaks off, it will deposit cold water at the top of the tank, where it will mix with the heated water. A broken dip tube is the most common reason for a sudden decrease in the supply of hot water, but is also a simple job for technicians to fix.

2. Restoring a faulty burner

Gas-powered water heaters can encounter problems in their burner, much like those in a gas furnace. Rust in the burner or dirt across its surface can lead to it having trouble igniting, and low gas flow or blockage in the line can also lead to a loss of heating power. As with any repair issue connected to natural gas, you should never attempt this work on your own due to the health risk involved. Only trust the job to experienced technicians.

3. Replacing failed heating elements

Electric water heaters use two heating elements inside the tank to raise the temperature of the water. If one of the elements burns out, the water temperature will decrease and you’ll experience lukewarm water from your taps and showerheads. Repair technicians can open the tank and replace the broken element.

Don’t let any reduction in your home’s hot water go without attention. Call for Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) as soon as you notice a problem. We will bring our almost four decades of experience to the task to restore your hot water as soon as possible. When it comes to water heater repair or other plumbing services in Sanford, FL, place your trust in us.